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Lin, W M; Lewis, J M; Filler, R B; Modi, B G; Carlson, K R; Reddy, S; Thornberg, A; Saksena, G; Umlauf, S; Oberholzer, P A; Karpova, M; Getz, G; Mane, S; Garraway, L A; Dummer, R; Berger, C L; Edelson, R L; Girardi, M (2012). Characterization of the DNA copy-number genome in the blood of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma patients. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 132:188-197.

Olsen, E A; Whittaker, S J; Kim, Y H; Duvic, M; Prince, H M; Lessin, S R; Wood, G S; Willemze, R; Demierre, M F; Pimpinelli, N; Bernengo, M G; Ortiz-Romero, P L; Bagot, M; Estrach, T; Guitart, J; Knobler, R; Sanches, J A; Iwatsuki, K; Sugaya, M; Dummer, R; Pittelkow, M; Hoppe, R; Parker, S; Geskin, L; Pinter-Brown, L; Girardi, M; Burg, G; Ranki, A; Vermeer, M H; Horwitz, S; Heald, P; Rosen, S; Cerroni, L; Dreno, B; Vonderheid, E C (2011). Clinical end points and response criteria in mycosis fungoides and sezary syndrome: a consensus statement of the international society for cutaneous lymphomas, the United States cutaneous lymphoma consortium, and the cutaneous lymphoma task force of the European organisation for research and treatment of cancer. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 29(18):2598-2607.

Kiessling, M K; Oberholzer, P A; Mondal, C; Karpova, M B; Zipser, M C; Lin, W M; Girardi, M; MacConaill, L E; Kehoe, S M; Hatton, C; French, L E; Garraway, L A; Polier, G; Süss, D; Klemke, C D; Krammer, P H; Gülow, K; Dummer, R (2011). High-throughput mutation profiling of CTCL samples reveals KRAS and NRAS mutations sensitizing tumors toward inhibition of the RAS/RAF/MEK signaling cascade. Blood, 117(8):2433-2440.

Schulthess, B; Bloes, D A; François, P; Girardi, M; Schrenzel, J; Bischoff, M; Berger-Bächi, B (2011). The {sigma}B-dependent yabJ-spoVG operon is involved in the regulation of extracellular nuclease, lipase, and protease expression in staphylococcus aureus. Journal of Bacteriology, 193(18):4954-4962.

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