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Gocke, Martina; Huguet, Arnaud; Derenne, Sylvie; Kolb, Steffen; Dippold, Michaela A; Wiesenberg, Guido L B (2017). Disentangling interactions between microbial communities and roots in deep subsoil. Science of the Total Environment, 575:135-145.

Gocke, Martina; Kessler, Fabian; van Mourik, Jan M; Jansen, Boris; Wiesenberg, Guido L B (2016). Paleosols can promote root growth of recent vegetation - a case study from the sandy soil-sediment sequence Rakt, the Netherlands. SOIL, 2(4):537-549.

Wiesenberg, Guido L B; Gocke, Martina (2015). Analysis of lipids and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons as indicators of past and present (micro)biological activity. In: McGenity, Terry J. Hydrocarbon and Lipid Microbiology Protocols : Petroleum, Hydrocarbon and Lipid Analysis. Berlin: Springer, 61-91.

Gocke, Martina; Gulyás, Sándor; Hambach, Ulrich; Jovanović, Mlađen; Kovacs, Gabor G; Marković, Slobodan B; Wiesenberg, Guido L B (2014). Biopores and root features as new tools for improving paleoecological understanding of terrestrial sediment-paleosol sequences. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 394:42-58.

Gocke, Martina; Hambach, Ulrich; Eckmeier, Eileen; Schwark, Lorenz; Zöller, Ludwig; Fuchs, Markus; Löscher, Manfred; Wiesenberg, Guido L B (2014). Introducing an improved multi-proxy approach for paleoenvironmental reconstruction of loess–paleosol archives applied on the Late Pleistocene Nussloch sequence (SW Germany). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 410:300-315.

Gocke, Martina; Peth, Stephan; Wiesenberg, Guido L B (2014). Lateral and depth variation of loess organic matter overprint related to rhizoliths — Revealed by lipid molecular proxies and X-ray tomography. Catena, 112:72-85.

Gocke, Martina; Kuzyakov, Yakov; Wiesenberg, Guido L B (2013). Differentiation of plant derived organic matter in soil, loess and rhizoliths based on n-alkane molecular proxies. Biogeochemistry, 112(1-3):23-40.

Gocke, Martina; Lehnert, Oliver; Frýda, Jiří (2013). Facies development across the Late Silurian Lau Event based on temperate carbonates of the Prague Basin (Czech Republic). Facies, 59(3):611-630.

Wiesenberg, Guido L B; Gocke, Martina (2013). Reconstruction of the late Quaternary paleoenvironments of the Nussloch loess paleosol sequence—Comment to the paper published by Zech et al., Quaternary Research 78 (2012), 226–235. Quaternary Research, 79(2):304-305.

Huguet, Arnaud; Gocke, Martina; Derenne, Sylvie; Fosse, Céline; Wiesenberg, Guido L B (2013). Root-associated branched tetraether source microorganisms may reduce estimated paleotemperatures in subsoil. Chemical Geology, 356:1-10.

Gocke, Martina; Liang, Wu; Sommer, Michael; Kuzyakov, Yakov (2013). Silicon uptake by wheat: Effects of Si pools and pH. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 176(4):551-560.

Huguet, Arnaud; Wiesenberg, Guido L B; Gocke, Martina; Fosse, Céline; Derenne, Sylvie (2012). Branched tetraether membrane lipids associated with rhizoliths in loess: Rhizomicrobial overprinting of initial biomarker record. Organic Geochemistry, 43:12-19.

Gocke, Martina; Pustovoytov, Konstantin; Kuzyakov, Yakov (2012). Pedogenic carbonate formation: Recrystallization versus migration—Process rates and periods assessed by 14C labeling. Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 26(1):n/a.

Gocke, Martina; Pustovoytov, Konstantin; Kuzyakov, Yakov (2011). Carbonate recrystallization in root-free soil and rhizosphere of Triticum aestivum and Lolium perenne estimated by 14C labeling. Biogeochemistry, 103(1-3):209-222.

Gocke, Martina; Pustovoytov, K; Kühn, P; Wiesenberg, Guido L B; Löscher, M; Kuzyakov, Y (2011). Carbonate rhizoliths in loess and their implications for paleoenvironmental reconstruction revealed by isotopic composition: δ¹³C, ¹⁴C. Chemical Geology, 283(3-4):251-260.

Gocke, Martina; Kuzyakov, Yakov (2011). Effect of temperature and rhizosphere processes on pedogenic carbonate recrystallization: Relevance for paleoenvironmental applications. Geoderma, 166(1):57-65.

Gocke, Martina; Pustovoytov, Konstantin; Kuzyakov, Yakov (2011). Pedogenic carbonate recrystallization assessed by isotopic labeling: a comparison of 13C and 14C tracers. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 174(5):809-817.

Wiesenberg, Guido L B; Gocke, Martina (2011). Zeitzeugen einer früheren Waldvegetation. Spektrum-Magazin der Universität Bayreuth, 1:6-8.

Gocke, Martina; Pustovoytov, Konstantin; Kuzyakov, Yakov (2010). Effect of CO₂ concentration on the initial recrystallization rate of pedogenic carbonate — Revealed by 14C and 13C labeling. Geoderma, 155(3-4):351-358.

Wiesenberg, Guido L B; Gocke, Martina; Kuzyakov, Yakov (2010). Fast incorporation of root-derived lipids and fatty acids into soil – Evidence from a short term multiple ¹⁴CO₂ pulse labelling experiment. Organic Geochemistry, 41(9):1049-1055.

Wiesenberg, Guido L B; Gocke, Martina; Kuzyakov, Yakov (2010). Optimization of 14C liquid scintillation counting of plant and soil lipids to trace short term formation, translocation and degradation of lipids. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 284(1):99-108.

Gocke, Martina; Kuzyakov, Yakov; Wiesenberg, Guido L B (2010). Rhizoliths in loess – evidence for post-sedimentary incorporation of root-derived organic matter in terrestrial sediments as assessed from molecular proxies. Organic Geochemistry, 41(11):1198-1206.

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