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Tall, B D; Gopinath, G; Gangiredla, J; Patel, I R; Fanning, S; Lehner, Angelika (2019). Cronobacter species. In: Doyle, M P; Buchanan, R L. Food Microbiology: Fundamentals and Frontiers. Washington: Wiley, 120-130.

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Tall, Ben; Gangiredla, J; Grim, C; Patel, I; Jackson, S; Mammel, M; Kothary, M; Sathyamoorthy, V; Carter, L; Fanning, S; Iversen, C; Pagotto, F; Stephan, Roger; Lehner, Angelika; Farber, J; Yan, Q Q; Gopinath, G (2017). Use of a Pan-genomic DNA microarray in determination of the phylogenetic relatedness among Cronobacter spp and its use as a data mining tool to understand Cronobacter biology. Microarrays, 6(1):E6.

Yan, Q; Wang, J; Gangiredla, J; Cao, Y; Martins, M; Gopinath, G; Stephan, Roger; Lampel, K; Tall, B (2015). Comparative genotypic and phenotypic analysis of Cronobacter species cultured from four powdered infant formula production facilities: indication of pathoadaptation along the food chain. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 81(13):4388-4402.

Stephan, Roger; Grim, Ch; Gopinath, G; Mammel, M; Sathyamoorthy, V; Trach, L; Chase, H; Fanning, S; Tall, B (2014). Re-examination of the taxonomic status of Enterobacter helveticus, Enterobacter pulveris and Enterobacter turicensis as members of the genus Cronobacter and their reclassification in the genera Franconibacter gen. nov. and Siccibacter gen. nov. as Franconibacter helveticus comb. nov., Franconibacter pulveris comb. nov. and Siccibacter turicensis comb. nov., respectively. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 64:3402-3410.

Grim, C J; Kotewicz, M L; Power, K A; Gopinath, G; Franco, A A; Jarvis, K G; Yan, Q Q; Jackson, S A; Sathyamoorthy, V; Hu, L; Pagotto, F; Iversen, C; Lehner, A; Stephan, R; Fanning, S; Tall, B D (2013). Pan-genome analysis of the emerging foodborne pathogen Cronobacter spp. suggests a species-level bidirectional divergence driven by niche adaptation. BMC Genomics, 14:366.

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