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Rasche, M; von Neuhoff, C; Dworzak, M; Bourquin, J-P; Bradtke, J; Göhring, G; Escherich, G; Fleischhack, G; Graf, N; Gruhn, B; Haas, O A; Klingebiel, T; Kremens, B; Lehrnbecher, T; von Stackelberg, A; Tchinda, J; Zemanova, Z; Thiede, C; von Neuhoff, N; Zimmermann, M; Creutzig, U; Reinhardt, D (2017). Genotype-outcome correlations in pediatric AML: the impact of a monosomal karyotype in trial AML-BFM 2004. Leukemia, 31(12):2807-2814.

Putora, P M; Engeler, D; Haile, Sarah R; Graf, N; Buchauer, K; Schmid, H P; Plasswilm, L (2016). Erectile function following brachytherapy, external beam radiotherapy, or radical prostatectomy in prostate cancer patients. Strahlentherapie und Onkologie, 192(3):182-189.

Creutzig, U; Dworzak, M N; Zimmermann, M; Bourquin, J-P; Gruhn, B; Fleischhack, G; Graf, N; Klingebiel, T; Kremens, B; Lehrnbecher, T; von Neuhoff, C; Stackelberg, A V; Starý, J; Reinhardt, D (2015). Additional treatment with 2-Chloro-2-Deoxyadenosine during consolidation in children with high-risk acute myeloid leukemia does not improve survival. Leukemia, 29(11):2260-2263.

Creutzig, U; Dworzak, M; Zimmermann, M; Bourquin, J-P; Gruhn, B; Fleischhack, G; Graf, N; Klingebiel, T; Kremens, B; Lehrnbecher, T; von Neuhoff, C; von Stackelberg, A; Stray, J; Reinhardt, D (2015). Randomised Introduction of 2-CDA as Intensification during Consolidation for Children with High-risk AML--results from Study AML-BFM 2004. Klinische Pädiatrie, 227(3):116-122.

Graf, N; Dinkel, B; Rose, H; Hothorn, L A; Gerhard, D; Johansen, P; Kundig, T M; Klimek, L; Senti, G (2014). A critical appraisal of analyzing nasal provocation test results in allergen immunotherapy trials. Rhinology, 52(2):137-141.

Rössle, M; Weber, C S; Züllig, L; Graf, N; Jochum, W; Stöckli, S J; Moch, H; Huber, G F (2013). EGFR expression and copy number changes in low T-stage oral squamous cell carcinomas. Histopathology, 63(2):271-278.

Graf, N; Rufibach, Kaspar; Schmidt, A M; Fehr, M; Fink, D; Baege, A C (2013). Frequency and risk factors of lower limb lymphedema following lymphadenectomy in patients with gynecological malignancies. European Journal of Gynaecological Oncology, 34(1):23-27.

Züllig, L; Roessle, M; Weber, C; Graf, N; Haerle, S K; Jochum, W; Stoeckli, S J; Moch, H; Huber, G F (2013). High sex determining region Y-box 2 expression is a negative predictor of occult lymph node metastasis in early squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity. European Journal of Cancer, 49(8):1915-1922.

Mutschler, J; Graf, N; Spanaus, K S; Rössler, W; Hergan, K; Binkert, C A; Gutzeit, A (2012). Circulating ghrelin levels are not associated with craving and withdrawal symptoms in acute nicotine withdrawal. Psychiatria Danubina, 24(2):229-230.

Paulides, M; Stöhr, W; Laws, H J; Graf, N; Lakomek, M; Berthold, F; Schmitt, K; Niggli, F; Jürgens, H; Bielack, S; Koscielniak, E; Klingebiel, T; Langer, T (2011). Antibody levels against tetanus and diphtheria after polychemotherapy for childhood sarcoma: a report from the Late Effects Surveillance System. Vaccine, 29(8):1565-1568.

Huber, G F; Zullig, L; Soltermann, A; Roessle, M; Graf, N; Haerle, S K; Studer, G; Jochum, W; Moch, H; Stoeckli, S J (2011). Down regulation of E-Cadherin (ECAD) - a predictor for occult metastatic disease in sentinel node biopsy of early squamous cell carcinomas of the oral cavity and oropharynx. BMC Cancer, 11:217.

Gutzeit, A; Sutter, R; Froehlich, J M; Roos, J E; Sautter, T; Schoch, E; Giger, B; Wyss, M; Graf, N; von Weymarn, C; Jenelten, R; Binkert, C A; Hergan, K (2011). ECG-triggered non-contrast-enhanced MR angiography (TRANCE) versus digital subtraction angiography (DSA) in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease of the lower extremities. European Radiology, 21(9):1979-1987.

Graf, N; Albertini, F; Petit, T; Reimhult, E; Vörös, J; Zambelli, T (2011). Electrochemically stimulated release from liposomes embedded in a polyelectrolyte multilayer. Advanced Functional Materials, 21(9):1666-1672.

Huber, G F; Albinger-Hegyi, A; Soltermann, A; Roessle, M; Graf, N; Haerle, S K; Holzmann, D; Moch, H; Hegyi, I (2011). Expression patterns of Bmi-1 and p16 significantly correlate with overall, disease-specific, and recurrence-free survival in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma. Cancer, 117(20):4659-4670.

Guillaume-Gentil, O; Zahn, R; Lindhoud, S; Graf, N; Vörös, J; Zambelli, T (2011). From nanodroplets to continuous films: how the morphology of polyelectrolyte multilayers depends on the dielectric permittivity and the surface charge of the supporting substrate. Soft Matter, 7(8):3861-3871.

Gutzeit, A; Meier, D; Meier, M L; von Weymarn, C; Ettlin, Dominik A; Graf, N; Froehlich, J M; Binkert, C A; Brügger, M (2011). Insula-specific responses induced by dental pain: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. European Radiology, 21(4):807-815.

Graf, N; Thomasson, E; Tanno, A; Vörös, J; Zambelli, T (2011). Spontaneous formation of a vesicle multilayer on top of an exponentially growing polyelectrolyte multilayer mediated by diffusing poly-L-lysine. Journal of Physical Chemistry. B, 115(43):12386-12391.

Reischauer, C; Froehlich, J M; Koh, D M; Graf, N; Padevit, C; John, H; Binkert, C A; Boesiger, P; Gutzeit, A (2010). Bone metastases from prostate cancer: assessing treatment response by using diffusion-weighted imaging and functional diffusion maps-initial observations. Radiology, 257(2):523-531.

Guillaume-Gentil, O; Graf, N; Boulmedais, F; Schaaf, P; Vörös, J; Zambelli, T (2010). Global and local view on the electrochemically induced degradation of polyelectrolyte multilayers: from dissolution to delamination. Soft Matter, 6(17):4246-4254.

Paulides, M; Stöhr, W; Laws, H J; Graf, N; Lakomek, M; Berthold, F; Schmitt, K; Niggli, F; Jürgens, H; Bielack, S; Koscielniak, E; Klingebiel, T; Langer, T (2010). Immunity against tetanus and diphtheria after childhood sarcoma treatment. Klinische Pädiatrie, 222(3):196.

Senti, G; Graf, N; Haug, Susanne; Rüedi, N; von Moos, S; Sonderegger, T; Johansen, P; Kündig, T M (2009). Epicutaneous allergen administration as a novel method of allergen-specific immunotherapy. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 124(5):997-1002.

Senti, G; Johansen, P; Haug, Susanne; Bull, C; Gottschaller, C; Müller, P; Pfister, T; Maurer, P; Bachmann, M F; Graf, N; Kündig, T M (2009). Use of A-type CpG oligodeoxynucleotides as an adjuvant in allergen-specific immunotherapy in humans: a phase I/IIa clinical trial. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 39(4):562-570.

Diéguez, L; Darwish, N; Graf, N; Vörös, J; Zambelli, T (2009). Electrochemical tuning of the stability of PLL/DNA multilayers. Soft Matter, 5(12):2415-2421.

Rutkowski, S; Gerber, N U; von Hoff, K; Gnekow, A; Bode, U; Graf, N; et al (2009). Treatment of early childhood medulloblastoma by postoperative chemotherapy and deferred radiotherapy. Neuro-Oncology, 11(2):201-210.

Senti, G; Prinz Vavricka, B M; Erdmann, I; Diaz, M I; Markus, R; McCormack, S J; Simard, J J; Wüthrich, B; Crameri, R; Graf, N; Johansen, P; Kündig, T M (2008). Intralymphatic allergen administration renders specific immunotherapy faster and safer: a randomized controlled trial. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 105(46):17908-17912.

Reinhard, H; Schmidt, A; Furtwängler, R; Leuschner, I; Rübe, C; Von Schweinitz, D; Zoubek, A; Niggli, F; Graf, N (2008). Outcome of relapses of nephroblastoma in patients registered in the SIOP/GPOH trials and studies. Oncology Reports, 20(2):463-467.

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