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Santuccione, A C; Merlini, M; Shetty, A; Tackenberg, C; Bali, J; Ferretti, M T; McAfoose, J; Kulic, L; Bernreuther, C; Welt, T; Grimm, J; Glatzel, M; Rajendran, L; Hock, C; Nitsch, R M (2013). Active vaccination with ankyrin G reduces β-amyloid pathology in APP transgenic mice. Molecular Psychiatry, 18(3):358-368.

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Blechman, J; Borodovsky, N; Eisenberg, M; Nabel-Rosen, H; Grimm, J; Levkowitz, G (2007). Specification of hypothalamic neurons by dual regulation of the homeodomain protein Orthopedia. Development, 134(24):4417-4426.

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Müller, A; Rassow, J; Grimm, J; Machuy, N; Meyer, T F; Rudel, T (2002). VDAC and the bacterial porin PorB of Neisseria gonorrhoeae share mitochondrial import pathways. EMBO Journal, 21(8):1916-1929.

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