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Irwin, Darren E; Milá, Borja; Toews, David P L; Brelsford, Alan; Kenyon, Haley L; Porter, Alison N; Grossen, Christine; Delmore, Kira E; Alcaide, Miguel; Irwin, Jessica H (2018). A comparison of genomic islands of differentiation across three young avian species pairs. Molecular Ecology, 27(23):4839-4855.

Dufresnes, Christophe; Mazepa, Glib; Rodrigues, Nicolas; et al; Grossen, Christine (2018). Genomic Evidence for Cryptic Speciation in Tree Frogs From the Apennine Peninsula, With Description of Hyla perrini sp. nov. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 6:144.

Brambilla, Alice; Keller, Lukas F; Bassano, Bruno; Grossen, Christine (2018). Heterozygosity-fitness correlation at the major histocompatibility complex despite low variation in Alpine ibex (Capra ibex). Evolutionary Applications, 11(5):631-644.

Biebach, Iris; Brambilla, Alice; Grossen, Christine; Keller, Lukas F (2018). Langzeitfolgen einer gelungenen Wiederansiedlung. Cratschla, 18(1):8-9.

Grossen, Christine; Biebach, Iris; Angelone-Alasaad, Samer; Keller, Lukas F; Croll, Daniel (2018). Population genomics analyses of European ibex species show lower diversity and higher inbreeding in reintroduced populations. Evolutionary Applications, 11(2):123-139.

Lenstra, J A; Tigchelaar, J; Biebach, Iris; Consortium, Ecogene; Hallsson, J H; Kantanen, J; Nielsen, V H; Pompanon, F; Naderi, S; Rezaei, H R; Saether, N; Ertugrul, O; Grossen, Christine; Camenisch, Glauco; Vos-Loohuis, M; van Straten, M; de Poel, E A; Windig, J; Oldenbroek, K (2017). Microsatellite diversity of the Nordic type of goats in relation to breed conservation: how relevant is pure ancestry? Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics = Zeitschrift für Tierzüchtung und Züchtungsbiologie, 134(1):78-84.

Toews, David P L; Brelsford, Alan; Grossen, Christine; Milá, Borja; Irwin, Darren E (2016). Genomic variation across the Yellow-rumped Warbler species complex. The Auk, 133(4):698-717.

Grossen, Christine; Seneviratne, Sampath S; Croll, Daniel; Irwin, Darren E (2016). Strong reproductive isolation and narrow genomic tracts of differentiation among three woodpecker species in secondary contact. Molecular Ecology, 25(17):4247-4266.

Grossen, Christine; Keller, Lukas F; Biebach, Iris; The International Goat Genome Consortium; Croll, Daniel (2014). Introgression from Domestic Goat Generated Variation at the Major Histocompatibility Complex of Alpine Ibex. PLoS Genetics, 10(6):e1004438.

Nussberger, Beatrice; Greminger, M P; Grossen, Christine; Keller, Lukas F; Wandeler, Peter (2013). Development of SNP markers identifying European wildcats, domestic cats, and their admixed progeny. Molecular Ecology Resources, 13(3):447-460.

Biebach, Iris; Grossen, Christine; Keller, Lukas F (2013). Genetische Folgen der Wiederansiedlung. Cratschla, 3:16-18.

Grossen, Christine; Neuenschwander, Samuel; Perrin, Nicolas (2012). The balanced lethal system of crested newts: A ghost of sex chromosomes past? The American Naturalist, 180(6):E174-E183.

Alasaad, Samer; Biebach, Iris; Grossen, Christine; Soriguer, Ramon C; Perez, Jesus M; Keller, Lukas F (2012). Microsatellite-based genotyping of MHC class II DRB1 gene in Iberian and Alpine ibex. European Journal of Wildlife Research, 58(4):743-748.

Grossen, Christine; Neuenschwander, Samuel; Perrin, Nicolas (2012). The evolution of XY recombination: sexually antagonistic selection versus deleterious mutation load. Evolution, 66(10):3155-3166.

Stoeck, Matthias; Horn, Agnes; Grossen, Christine; Lindtke, Dorothea; Sermier, Roberto; Betto-Colliard, Caroline; Dufresnes, Christophe; Bonjour, Emmanuel; Dumas, Zoe; Luquet, Emilien; Maddalena, Tiziano; Clavero Sousa, Helena; Martinez-Solano, Inigo; Perrin, Nicolas (2011). Ever-Young sex chromosomes in European tree frogs. PLoS Biology, 9(5):e1001062.

Grossen, Christine; Neuenschwander, S; Perrin, Nicolas (2011). Temperature-dependent turnovers in sex-determination mechanisms: a quantitative model. Evolution, International Journal of Organic Evolution, 65(1):64-78.

Jacob, Alain; Evanno, Guillaume; von Siebenthal, Beat A; Grossen, Christine; Wedekind, Claus (2010). Effects of different mating scenarios on embryo viability in brown trout. Molecular Ecology, 19(23):5296-5307.

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