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Santhana Kumar, Karthiga; Neve, Anuja; Guerreiro Stucklin, Ana S; Kuzan-Fischer, Claudia M; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Taylor, Michael D; Tripolitsioti, Dimitra; Behrmann, Lena; Kirschenbaum, Daniel; Grotzer, Michael A; Baumgartner, Martin (2018). TGF-β Determines the Pro-migratory Potential of bFGF Signaling in Medulloblastoma. Cell Reports, 23(13):3798-3812.e8.

Tripolitsioti, Dimitra; Kumar, Karthiga Santhana; Neve, Anuja; Migliavacca, Jessica; Capdeville, Charles; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Ma, Min; Kijima, Noriyuki; Sharma, Ashish; Pruschy, Martin; McComb, Scott; Taylor, Michael D; Grotzer, Michael A; Baumgartner, Martin (2018). MAP4K4 controlled integrin β1 activation and c-Met endocytosis are associated with invasive behavior of medulloblastoma cells. OncoTarget, 9(33):1-17.

Neve, Anuja; Kumar, Karthiga Santhana; Tripolitsioti, Dimitra; Grotzer, Michael A; Baumgartner, Martin (2017). Investigation of brain tissue infiltration by medulloblastoma cells in an ex vivo model. Scientific Reports, 7(1):5297.

Friedrich, Carsten; Shalaby, Tarek; Oehler, Christoph; Pruschy, Martin; Seifert, Burkhardt; Picard, Daniel; Remke, Marc; Warmuth-Metz, Monika; Kortmann, Rolf-Dieter; Rutkowski, Stefan; Grotzer, Michael A; von Bueren, André O (2017). Tropomyosin receptor kinase C (TrkC) expression in medulloblastoma: relation to the molecular subgroups and impact on treatment response. Child's Nervous System, 33(9):1463-1471.

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Walker, Janina H; Hackenberg, Annette; Bozinov, Oliver; Berger, Christoph; Scheer, Ianina; Grotzer, Michael A; Gerber, Nicolas U (2017). Ommaya reservoir "off-duty" causing major late-onset complications in a child with medulloblastoma. Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 64(6):e26384.

Adel Fahmideh, Maral; Lavebratt, Catharina; Schüz, Joachim; Röösli, Martin; Tynes, Tore; Grotzer, Michael A; Johansen, Christoffer; Kuehni, Claudia E; Lannering, Birgitta; Prochazka, Michaela; Schmidt, Lisbeth S; Feychting, Maria (2016). Common genetic variations in cell cycle and DNA repair pathways associated with pediatric brain tumor susceptibility. OncoTarget, 7(39):63640-63650.

Ares, Carmen; Albertini, Francesca; Frei-Welte, Martina; Bolsi, Alessandra; Grotzer, Michael A; Goitein, Gudrun; Weber, Damien C (2016). Pencil beam scanning proton therapy for pediatric intracranial ependymoma. Journal of Neuro-Oncology, 128(1):137-145.

Guerreiro Stucklin, Ana S; Tabori, Uri; Grotzer, Michael A (2016). The changing landscape of pediatric low-grade gliomas: clinical challenges and emerging therapies. Neuropediatrics, 47(2):70-83.

Wolpert, Fabian; Grotzer, Michael A; Niggli, Felix; Zimmermann, Dieter; Rushing, Elisabeth; Bode-Lesniewska, Beata (2016). Ewing's Sarcoma as a Second Malignancy in Long-Term Survivors of Childhood Hematologic Malignancies. Sarcoma, 2016:5043640.

Gerber, Nicolas U; Müller, Anna; Bellut, David; Bozinov, Oliver; Berger, Christoph; Grotzer, Michael A (2015). Ventricular Catheter Systems with Subcutaneous Reservoirs (Ommaya Reservoirs) in Pediatric Patients with Brain Tumors: Infections and Other Complications. Neuropediatrics, 46(06):401-409.

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Bozinov, Oliver; Grotzer, Michael A; Sarnthein, Johannes (2015). Intraoperative Monitoring of Facial Nerve Motor-Evoked Potentials in Children. World Neurosurgery, 84(3):786-794.

Adel Fahmideh, Maral; Lavebratt, Catharina; Schüz, Joachim; Röösli, Martin; Tynes, Tore; Grotzer, Michael A; Johansen, Christoffer; Kuehni, Claudia E; Lannering, Birgitta; Prochazka, Michaela; Schmidt, Lisbeth S; Feychting, Maria (2015). CCDC26, CDKN2BAS, RTEL1 and TERT Polymorphisms in pediatric brain tumor susceptibility. Carcinogenesis, 36(8):876-882.

Spycher, Ben D; Lupatsch, Judith E; Zwahlen, Marcel; Röösli, Martin; Niggli, Felix; Grotzer, Michael A; Rischewski, Johannes; Egger, Matthias; Kuehni, Claudia E (2015). Background ionizing radiation and the risk of childhood cancer: a census-based nationwide cohort study. Environmental Health Perspectives, 123(6):622-628.

Vuille-Dit-Bille, Raphael N; Berger, Christoph; Meuli, Martin; Grotzer, Michael A (2015). Colostomy for perianal sepsis with ecthyma gangrenosum in immunocompromised children. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology:1-5.

Kumar, Karthiga Santhana; Pillong, Max; Kunze, Jens; Burghardt, Isabel; Weller, Michael; Grotzer, Michael A; Schneider, Gisbert; Baumgartner, Martin (2015). Computer-assisted quantification of motile and invasive capabilities of cancer cells. Scientific Reports, 5:15338.

Santhana Kumar, Karthiga; Tripolitsioti, Dimitra; Ma, Min; Grählert, Jasmin; Egli, Katja B; Fiaschetti, Giulio; Shalaby, Tarek; Grotzer, Michael A; Baumgartner, Martin (2015). The Ser/Thr kinase MAP4K4 drives c-Met-induced motility and invasiveness in a cell-based model of SHH medulloblastoma. SpringerPlus, 4:19.

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Fiaschetti, Giulio; Schroeder, Christina; Castelletti, Deborah; Arcaro, Alexandre; Westermann, Frank; Baumgartner, Martin; Shalaby, Tarek; Grotzer, Michael A (2014). NOTCH ligands JAG1 and JAG2 as critical pro-survival factors in childhood medulloblastoma. Acta Neuropathologica Communications, 2:39.

Shalaby, Tarek; Fiaschetti, Giulio; Baumgartner, Martin; Grotzer, Michael A (2014). Significance and therapeutic value of miRNAs in embryonal neural tumors. Molecules, 19(5):5821-5862.

Poretti, Andrea; Meoded, Avner; Cohen, Kenneth J; Grotzer, Michael A; Boltshauser, Eugen; Huisman, Thierry A G M (2013). Apparent diffusion coefficient of pediatric cerebellar tumors: A biomarker of tumor grade? Pediatric Blood & Cancer, 60(12):2036-2041.

Zeilhofer, Ulrike B; Scheer, Ianina; Warmuth-Metz, Monika; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Pietsch, Torsten; Boltshauser, Eugen; Grotzer, Michael A; Gerber, Nicolas U (2013). Natural history of a medulloblastoma: 30 months of wait and see in a child with a cerebellar incidentaloma. Child's Nervous System, 29(7):1207-1210.

Abela, Lucia; Rushing, Elisabeth Jane; Ares, Carmen; Scheer, Ianina; Bozinov, Oliver; Boltshauser, Eugen; Grotzer, Michael A (2013). Pediatric papillary tumors of the pineal region: to observe or to treat following gross total resection? Child's Nervous System, 29(2):307-310.

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Wojtalla, Anna; Salm, Fabiana; Christiansen, Ditte G; Cremona, Tiziana; Cwiek, Paulina; Shalaby, Tarek; Gross, Nicole; Grotzer, Michael A; Arcaro, Alexandre (2012). Novel agents targeting the IGF-1R/PI3K pathway impair cell proliferation and survival in subsets of medulloblastoma and neuroblastoma. PLoS ONE, 7(10):e47109.

Burkhardt, Jan-Karl; Neidert, Marian C; Grotzer, Michael A; Krayenbühl, Niklaus; Bozinov, Oliver (2012). Surgical resection of pediatric skull base meningiomas. Child's Nervous System, 29(1):83-87.

Schneider, Christian; Vosbeck, Jürg; Grotzer, Michael A; Boltshauser, Eugen; Kothbauer, Karl F (2012). Anaplastic ganglioglioma: a very rare intramedullary spinal cord tumor. Pediatric Neurosurgery, 48(1):42-7.

Boller, Danielle; Doepfner, Kathrin T; De Laurentiis, Angela; Guerreiro, Ana S; Marinov, Marin; Shalaby, Tarek; Depledge, Paul; Robson, Anthony; Saghir, Nahid; Hayakawa, Masahiko; Kaizawa, Hiroyuki; Koizumi, Tomonobu; Ohishi, Takahide; Fattet, Sarah; Delattre, Olivier; Schweri-Olac, Anelia; Höland, Katrin; Grotzer, Michael A; Frei, Karl; Spertini, Olivier; Waterfield, Michael D; Arcaro, Alexandre (2012). Targeting PI3KC2β impairs proliferation and survival in acute leukemia, brain tumours and neuroendocrine tumours. Anticancer Research, 32(8):3015-3027.

Künkele, Annette; De Preter, Katleen; Heukamp, Lukas; Thor, Theresa; Pajtler, Kristian W; Hartmann, Wolfgang; Mittelbronn, Michel; Grotzer, Michael A; Deubzer, Hedwig E; Speleman, Frank; Schramm, Alexander; Eggert, Angelika; Schulte, Johannes H (2012). Pharmacological activation of the p53 pathway by nutlin-3 exerts anti-tumoral effects in medulloblastomas. Neuro-oncology, 14(7):859-869.

Poretti, Andrea; Grotzer, Michael A (2012). Neuroblastoma with spinal cord compression: is there an emergency treatment of choice? Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 54(4):297-298.

Gerber, Nicolas U; von Hoff, Katja; von Bueren, André O; Treulieb, Wiebke; Deinlein, Frank; Benesch, Martin; Zwiener, Isabella; Soerensen, Niels; Warmuth-Metz, Monika; Pietsch, Torsten; Mittler, Uwe; Kuehl, Joachim; Kortmann, Rolf-Dieter; Grotzer, Michael A; Rutkowski, Stefan (2011). A long duration of the prediagnostic symptomatic interval is not associated with an unfavourable prognosis in childhood medulloblastoma. European Journal of Cancer, 48(13):2028-2036.

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