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Mosberger, Alice C; Miehlbradt, Jenifer C; Bjelopoljak, Nadja; Schneider, Marc P; Wahl, Anna-Sophia; Ineichen, Benjamin V; Gullo, Miriam; Schwab, Martin E (2018). Axotomized Corticospinal Neurons Increase Supra-Lesional Innervation and Remain Crucial for Skilled Reaching after Bilateral Pyramidotomy. Cerebral Cortex, 28(2):625-643.

Ineichen, Benjamin V; Schnell, Lisa; Gullo, Miriam; Kaiser, Julia; Schneider, Marc P; Mosberger, Alice C; Good, Nicolas; Linnebank, Michael; Schwab, Martin E (2016). Direct, long-term intrathecal application of therapeutics to the rodent CNS. Nature Protocols, 12(1):104-131.

Schneider, Marc P; Hughes, Francis M; Engmann, Anne K; Purves, J Todd; Kasper, Hansjörg; Tedaldi, Marco; Spruill, Laura S; Gullo, Miriam; Schwab, Martin E; Kessler, Thomas M (2015). A novel urodynamic model for lower urinary tract assessment in awake rats. BJU International, 115:8-15.

Zörner, Björn; Bachmann, Lukas C; Filli, Linard; Kapitza, Sandra; Gullo, Miriam; Bolliger, Marc; Starkey, Michelle L; Röthlisberger, Martina; Gonzenbach, Roman R; Schwab, Martin E (2014). Chasing central nervous system plasticity: the brainstem's contribution to locomotor recovery in rats with spinal cord injury. Brain, 137(Pt 6):1716-1732.

Starkey, Michelle L; Bleul, Christiane; Kasper, Hansjörg; Mosberger, Alice C; Zörner, Björn; Giger, Stefan; Gullo, Miriam; Buschmann, Frank; Schwab, Martin E (2014). High-Impact, Self-Motivated Training Within an Enriched Environment With Single Animal Tracking Dose-Dependently Promotes Motor Skill Acquisition and Functional Recovery. Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair, 28(6):594-605.

Kempf, Anissa; Tews, Bjoern; Arzt, Michael E; Weinmann, Oliver; Obermair, Franz J; Pernet, Vincent; Zagrebelsky, Marta; Delekate, Andrea; Iobbi, Cristina; Zemmar, Ajmal; Ristic, Zorica; Gullo, Miriam; Spies, Peter; Dodd, Dana; Gygax, Daniel; Korte, Martin; Schwab, Martin E (2014). The sphingolipid receptor S1PR2 is a receptor for Nogo-a repressing synaptic plasticity. PLoS Biology, 12(1):e1001763.

Sydekum, Esther; Ghosh, Arko; Gullo, Miriam; Baltes, Christof; Schwab, Martin; Rudin, Markus (2014). Rapid functional reorganization of the forelimb cortical representation after thoracic spinal cord injury in adult rats. NeuroImage, 87:72-79.

Lindau, Nicolas T; Bänninger, Balthasar J; Gullo, Miriam; Good, Nicolas A; Bachmann, Lukas C; Starkey, Michelle L; Schwab, Martin E (2014). Rewiring of the corticospinal tract in the adult rat after unilateral stroke and anti-Nogo-A therapy. Brain, 137(3):739-756.

Zhao, Rong-Rong; Andrews, Melissa R; Wang, Difei; Warren, Philippa; Gullo, Miriam; Schnell, Lisa; Schwab, Martin E; Fawcett, James W (2013). Combination treatment with anti-Nogo-A and chondroitinase ABC is more effective than single treatments at enhancing functional recovery after spinal cord injury. European Journal of Neuroscience, 38(6):2946-2961.

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