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Heller, Oliver; Stephan, Roger; Thanner, S; Hässig, Michael; Bee, G; Gutzwiller, A; Sidler, Xaver (2017). Effect of antimicrobials administered via liquid feed on the occurrence of sulphonamide and trimethoprim resistant Enterobacteriaceae: case-control study. Porcine Health Management, 3:20.

Heller, Oliver; Sidler, Xaver; Hässig, Michael; Thanner, S; Bee, G; Gutzwiller, A; Stephan, Roger (2016). The effect of the administration of three different antimicrobial premix formulations via the liquid feeding system on the occurrence of Enterobacteriaceae resistant to tetracycline in the liquid feed for pigs. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde, 158:411-422.

Azuhnwi, B N; Hertzberg, H; Arrigo, Y; Gutzwiller, A; Hess, H D; Mueller-Harvey, I; Torgerson, P R; Kreuzer, M; Dohme-Meier, F (2013). Investigation of sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia) cultivar differences on nitrogen balance and fecal egg count in artificially infected lambs. Journal of animal science, 91:2343-2354.

Gutzwiller, A; Hess, H D; Adam, A; Guggisberg, D; Liesegang, A; Stoll, P (2011). Effects of a reduced calcium, phosphorus and protein intake and of benzoic acid on calcium and phosphorus metabolism of growing pigs. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 168(1-2):113-121.

Gutzwiller, A; Bee, G; Zimmermann, W; Oevermann, A; Wyss-Fluehmann, G; Räber, Marta; Geyer, Hans; Braunschweig, M H (2009). Neurological signs in pigs supplemented orally with pharmacological amounts of B vitamins from one to 10 months of age. Veterinary Record, 165(20):598-599.

Räber, Marta; Geyer, Hans; Kessler, J; Gutzwiller, A (2008). Einfluss einer hohen Selenzufuhr auf den Selenstatus, die Leberfunktion und auf die Klauenqualität von Maststieren. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde, 150(2):57-67.

Kessler, J; Morel, I; Dufey, P-A; Gutzwiller, A; Stern, A; Geyer, H (2003). Effect of organic zinc sources on performance, zinc status and carcass, meat and claw quality in fattening bulls. Livestock Production Science, 81(2-3):161-171.

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