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Neumann, M; Bentmann, E; Dormann, D; Jawaid, A; DeJesus-Hernandez, M; Ansorge, O; Roeber, S; Kretzschmar, H A; Munoz, D G; Kusaka, H; Yokota, O; Ang, L C; Bilbao, J; Rademakers, R; Haass, C; Mackenzie, I R A (2011). FET proteins TAF15 and EWS are selective markers that distinguish FTLD with FUS pathology from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with FUS mutations. Brain: A Journal of Neurology, 134(9):2595-2609.

Dormann, D; Rodde, R; Edbauer, D; Bentmann, E; Fischer, I; Hruscha, A; Than, M E; Mackenzie, I R A; Capell, A; Schmid, B; Neumann, M; Haass, C (2010). ALS-associated fused in sarcoma (FUS) mutations disrupt Transportin-mediated nuclear import. The EMBO Journal, 29(16):2841-2857.

Dormann, D; Capell, A; Carlson, A M; Shankaran, S S; Rodde, R; Neumann, M; Kremmer, E; Matsuwaki, T; Yamanouchi, K; Nishihara, M; Haass, C (2009). Proteolytic processing of TAR DNA binding protein-43 by caspases produces C-terminal fragments with disease defining properties independent of progranulin. Journal of Neurochemistry, 110(3):1082-1094.

Avila, J; Nitsch, R M; Haass, C; De Strooper, B (2006). European Alzheimer disease funding. Nature Medicine, 12(7):776-777.

Uelhoff, A; Tatzelt, J; Aguzzi, A; Winklhofer, K F; Haass, C (2005). A pathogenic PrP mutation and doppel interfere with polarized sorting of the prion protein. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 280(7):5137-5140.

Aguzzi, A; Haass, C (2003). Games played by rogue proteins in prion disorders and Alzheimer's disease. Science, 302(5646):814-818.

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