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Krenn, Viktoria A; Fornai, Cinzia; Wurm, Lisa; Bookstein, Fred L; Haeusler, Martin; Weber, Gerhard W (2019). Variation of 3D outer and inner crown morphology in modern human mandibular premolars. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 169(4):646-663.

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Tardieu, Christine; Hasegawa, Kazuhiro; Haeusler, Martin (2017). How Did the Pelvis and Vertebral Column Become a Functional Unit during the Transition from Occasional to Permanent Bipedalism? Anatomical Record, 300(5):912-931.

Micalizzi, Alessia; Poretti, Andrea; Romani, Marta; Ginevrino, Monia; Mazza, Tommaso; Aiello, Chiara; Zanni, Ginevra; Baumgartner, Bastian; Borgatti, Renato; Brockmann, Knut; Camacho, Ana; Cantalupo, Gaetano; Haeusler, Martin; Hikel, Christiane; Klein, Andrea; Mandrile, Giorgia; Mercuri, Eugenio; Rating, Dietz; Romaniello, Romina; Santorelli, Filippo Maria; Schimmel, Mareike; Spaccini, Luigina; Teber, Serap; von Moers, Arpad; Wente, Sarah; Ziegler, Andreas; Zonta, Andrea; Bertini, Enrico; Boltshauser, Eugen; Valente, Enza Maria (2016). Clinical, neuroradiological and molecular characterization of cerebellar dysplasia with cysts (Poretti-Boltshauser syndrome). European Journal of Human Genetics, 24(9):1262-1267.

Haeusler, Martin. Back problems as seen from an evolutionary medicine perspective – What we can learn from early Homo skeletons. 2016, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

Haeusler, Martin; Haas, Cordula; Lösch, Sandra; Moghaddam, Negahnaz; Villa, Igor M; Walsh, Susan; Kayser, Manfred; Seiler, Roger; Ruehli, Frank; Janosa, Manuel; Papageorgopoulou, Christina (2016). Multidisciplinary Identification of the Controversial Freedom Fighter Jörg Jenatsch, Assassinated 1639 in Chur, Switzerland. PLoS ONE, 11(12):e0168014.

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