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Pujol, A; Gaztanaga, E; Giocoli, C; Knebe, A; Pearce, F R; Skibba, R A; Ascasibar, Y; Behroozi, P; Elahi, P; Han, J; Lux, H; Muldrew, S I; Neyrinck, M; Onions, J; Potter, D; Tweed, D (2014). Subhaloes gone Notts: the clustering properties of subhaloes. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 438(4):3205-3221.

Onions, J; Ascasibar, Y; Behroozi, P; Casado, J; Elahi, P; Han, J; Knebe, A; Lux, H; Merchan, M E; Muldrew, S I; Neyrinck, M; Old, L; Pearce, F R; Potter, D; Ruiz, A N; Sgro, M A; Tweed, D; Yue, T (2013). Subhaloes gone Notts: spin across subhaloes and finders. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 429(3):2739-2747.

Kim, K E; Koh, Y J; Jeon, B H; Jang, C; Han, J; Kataru, R P; Schwendener, R; Kim, J M; Koh, G Y (2009). Role of CD11b+ macrophages in intraperitoneal lipopolysaccharide-induced aberrant lymphangiogenesis and lymphatic function in the diaphragm. American Journal of Pathology, 175(4):1733-1745.

Jeon, B H; Jang, C; Han, J; Kataru, R P; Piao, L; Jung, K; Cha, H J; Schwendener, R; Jang, K Y; Kim, K S; Alitalo, K; Koh, G Y (2008). Profound but dysfunctional lymphangiogenesis via vascular endothelial growth factor ligands from CD11b+ macrophages in advanced ovarian cancer. Cancer Research, 68(4):1100-9.

Cho, C H; Koh, Y J; Han, J; Sung, H K; Jong Lee, H; Morisada, T; Schwendener, R; Brekken, R A; Kang, G; Oike, Y; Choi, T S; Suda, T; Yoo, O J; Koh, G Y (2007). Angiogenic role of LYVE-1-positive macrophages in adipose tissue. Circulation Research, 100(4):e47-e57.

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