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Hasler, Elisabeth. Pressure-Flow During Exercise Catheterization Predicts Survival in Pulmonary Hypertension. 2016, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

Somaini, Gina; Stamm, Adriana; Müller-Mottet, Séverine; Hasler, Elisabeth; Keusch, Stephan; Hildenbrand, Florian F; Furian, Michael; Speich, Rudolf; Bloch, Konrad E; Ulrich, Silvia (2015). Disease-Targeted treatment improves cognitive function in patients with precapillary pulmonary hypertension. Respiration, 90(5):376-383.

Müller-Mottet, Séverine; Hildenbrand, Florian F; Keusch, Stephan; Hasler, Elisabeth; Maggiorini, Marco; Speich, Rudolf; Bloch, Konrad E; Ulrich, Silvia (2015). Effects of exercise and vasodilators on cerebral tissue oxygenation in pulmonary hypertension. Lung, 193(1):113-120.

Mueller-Mottet, Séverine; Stricker, Hans; Domeninghetti, Guido; Azzola, Andrea; Geiser, Thomas; Schwerzmann, Markus; Weilenmann, Daniel; Schoch, Otto; Fellrath, Jean-Marc; Rochat, Thierry; Lador, Frederic; Beghetti, Maurice; Nicod, Laurent; Aubert, John-David; Popov, Vladimir; Speich, Rudolf; Keusch, Stephan; Hasler, Elisabeth; Huber, Lars; Grendelmeier, Peter; Tamm, Michael; Ulrich, Silvia (2015). Long-term data from the Swiss pulmonary hypertension registry. Respiration, 89(2):127-140.

Fossati, Laura; Müller-Mottet, Séverine; Hasler, Elisabeth; Speich, Rudolf; Bloch, Konrad E; Huber, Lars C; Ulrich Somaini, Silvia (2014). Long-term effect of vasodilator therapy in pulmonary hypertension due to COPD: A retrospective analysis. Lung, 192(6):987-995.

Ulrich, Silvia; Nussbaumer-Ochsner, Yvonne; Vasic, Irena; Hasler, Elisabeth; Latshang, Tsogyal D; Kohler, Malcolm; Muehlemann, Thomas; Wolf, Martin; Bloch, Konrad E (2014). Cerebral oxygenation in patients with OSA: Effects of hypoxia at altitude and impact of acetazolamide. Chest, 146(2):299-308.

Keusch, Stephan; Bucher, Anina; Müller-Mottet, Séverine; Hasler, Elisabeth; Maggiorini, Marco; Speich, Rudolf; Ulrich, Silvia (2014). Experience with exercise right heart catheterization in the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension: A retrospective study. Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine, 9:51.

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