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Faso, C; Konrad, C; Schraner, E M; Hehl, A B (2013). Export of cyst wall material and Golgi organelle neogenesis in Giardia lamblia depends on ER exit sites. Cellular Microbiology, 15(4):537-553.

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Hehl, A B (2013). F1000Prime Recommendation of: Recruitment of EB1, a Master Regulator of Microtubule Dynamics, to the Surface of the Theileria annulata Schizont. London UK: Faculty of 1000.

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Stefanic, S; Morf, L; Kulangara, C; Regös, A; Sonda, S; Schraner, E M; Spycher, C; Wild, P; Hehl, A B (2009). Neogenesis and maturation of transient Golgi-like cisternae in a simple eukaryote. Journal of Cell Science, 122(Pt 16):2846-2856.

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Saric, M; Vahrmann, A; Niebur, D; Kluempers, V; Hehl, A B; Scholze, H (2009). Dual acylation accounts for the localization of {alpha}19-giardin in the ventral flagellum pair of Giardia lamblia. Eukaryotic Cell, 8(10):1567-1574.

Müller, J; Nillius, D; Hehl, A B; Hemphill, A; Müller, N (2009). Stable expression of Escherichia coli {beta}-glucuronidase A (GusA) in Giardia lamblia: application to high-throughput drug susceptibility testing. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 64(6):1187-1191.

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Gaechter, V; Schraner, E M; Willi, P; Hehl, A B (2008). The single dynamin family protein in the primitive protozoan Giardia lamblia is essential for stage conversion and endocytic transport. Traffic, 9(1):57-71.

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