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Joos, O; Saurer, M; Heim, A; Hagedorn, F; Schmidt, M W I; Siegwolf, R T W (2008). Can we use the CO2 concentrations determined by continuous-flow isotope ratio mass spectrometry from small samples for the Keeling plot approach? Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 22(24):4029-4034.

Marschner, B; Brodowski, S; Dreves, A; Gleixner, G; Gude, A; Grooles, P M; Hamer, U; Heim, A; Jandl, G; Ji, R; Kaiser, K; Kalbitz, K; Kramer, C; Leinweber, P; Rethemeyer, J; Schäffer, A; Schmidt, M W I; Schwark, L; Wiesenberg, G L B (2008). How relevant is recalcitrance for the stabilization of organic matter in soils? Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science, 171(1):91-110.

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