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von Bueren, A O; Bacolod, M D; Hagel, C; Heinimann, K; Fedier, A; Kordes, U; Pietsch, T; Koster, J; Grotzer, M A; Friedman, H S; Marra, G; Kool, M; Rutkowski, S (2012). Mismatch repair deficiency: a temozolomide resistance factor in medulloblastoma cell lines that is uncommon in primary medulloblastoma tumours. British Journal of Cancer, 107(8):1399-1408.

Kovac, M; Laczko, E; Haider, R; Jiricny, J; Mueller, H; Heinimann, K; Marra, G (2011). Familial colorectal cancer: eleven years of data from a registry program in Switzerland. Familial Cancer, 10(3):605-616.

Zlobec, I; Molinari, F; Kovac, M; Bihl, M P; Altermatt, H J; Diebold, J; Frick, H; Germer, M; Horcic, M; Montani, M; Singer, G; Yurtsever, H; Zettl, A; Terracciano, L; Mazzucchelli, L; Saletti, P; Frattini, M; Heinimann, K; Lugli, A (2010). Prognostic and predictive value of TOPK stratified by KRAS and BRAF gene alterations in sporadic, hereditary and metastatic colorectal cancer patients. British Journal of Cancer, 102(1):151-161.

von Kanel, T; Gerber, D; Schaller, A; Baumer, A; Wey, E; Jackson, C B; Gisler, F M; Heinimann, K; Gallati, S (2010). Quantitative 1-step DNA methylation analysis with native genomic DNA as template. Clinical Chemistry, 56(7):1098-1106.

Montani, M; Heinimann, K; von Teichman, A; Rudolph, T; Perren, A; Moch, H (2010). VHL-gene deletion in single renal tubular epithelial cells and renal tubular cysts: further evidence for a cyst-dependent progression pathway of clear cell renal carcinoma in von Hippel-Lindau disease. The American Journal of Surgical Pathology, 34(6):806-815.

Templeton, A; Marra, G; Valtorta, E; Heinimann, K; Müller, H; Köberle, D; Gillessen, S (2009). Concordant colon tumors in monozygotic twins previously treated for prostate cancer. Familial Cancer, 8(2):167-171.

Bujalkova, M; Zavodna, K; Krivulcik, T; Ilencikova, D; Wolf, B; Kovac, M; Karner-Hanusch, J; Heinimann, K; Marra, G; Jiricny, J; Bartosova, Z (2008). Multiplex SNaPshot genotyping for detecting loss of heterozygosity in the mismatch-repair genes MLH1 and MSH2 in microsatellite-unstable tumors. Clinical Chemistry, 54:1844-1854.

Plasilova, M; Zhang, J; Okhowat, R; Marra, G; Mettler, M; Mueller, H; Heinimann, K (2006). A de novo MLH1 germ line mutation in a 31-year-old colorectal cancer patient. Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer, 45(12):1106-1110.

Zhang, J; Lindroos, A; Ollila, S; Russell, A; Marra, G; Mueller, H; Peltomaki, P; Plasilova, M; Heinimann, K (2006). Gene conversion is a frequent mechanism of inactivation of the wild-type allele in cancers from MLH1/MSH2 deletion carriers. Cancer Research, 66(2):659-664.

Szadkowski, M; Iaccarino, I; Heinimann, K; Marra, G; Jiricny, J (2005). Characterization of the mismatch repair defect in the human lymphoblastoid MT1 cells. Cancer Research, 65(11):4525-4529.

Truninger, K; Menigatti, M; Luz, J; Russell, A; Haider, R; Gebbers, J-O; Bannwart, F; Yurtsever, H; Neuweiler, J; Riehle, H-M; Cattaruzza, M S; Heinimann, K; Schär, P; Jiricny, J; Marra, G (2005). Immunohistochemical analysis reveals high frequency of PMS2 defects in colorectal cancer. Gastroenterology, 128(5):1160-1171.

Cejka, P; Stojic, L; Mojas, N; Russell, A F; Heinimann, K; Cannavó, E; di Pietro, M; Marra, G; Jiricny, J (2003). Methylation-induced G(2)/M arrest requires a full complement of the mismatch repair protein hMLH1. EMBO Journal, 22(9):2245-2254.

Heinimann, K; Thompson, A; Locher, A; Furlanetto, T; Bader, E; Wolf, A; Meier, R; Walter, K; Bauerfeind, P; Marra, G; Müller, H; Foernzler, D; Dobbie, Z (2001). Nontruncating APC germ-line mutations and mismatch repair deficiency play a minor role in APC mutation-negative polyposis. Cancer Research, 61(20):7616-7622.

Marra, G; D'Atri, S; Corti, C; Bonmassar, L; Cattaruzza, M S; Schweizer, P; Heinimann, K; Bartosova, Z; Nyström-Lahti, M; Jiricny, J (2001). Tolerance of human MSH2+/- lymphoblastoid cells to the methylating agent temozolomide. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 98(13):7164-7169.

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