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Scholz, Roland; Bartelsman, Eric; Diefenbach, Sarah; Franke, Lude; Grunwald, Arnim; Helbing, Dirk; Hill, Richard; Hilty, Lorenz; Höjer, Mattias; Klauser, Stefan; Montag, Christian; Parycek, Peter; Prote, Jan; Renn, Ortwin; Reichel, André; Schuh, Günther; Steiner, Gerald; Viale Pereira, Gabriela (2018). Unintended side effects of the digital transition: European scientists’ messages from a proposition-based expert round table. Sustainability, 10(6):1-48.

Berger, Roger; Rauhut, Heiko; Prade, Simone; Helbing, Dirk (2012). Bargaining over waiting time in ultimatum game experiments. Social Science Research, 41(2):372-379.

Winter, Fabian; Rauhut, Heiko; Helbing, Dirk (2012). How norms can generate conflict: An experiment on the failure of cooperative micro-motives on the macro-level. Social Forces, 90(3):919-946.

Lorenz, Jan; Rauhut, Heiko; Schweizer, Frank; Helbing, Dirk (2011). How social influence can undermine the wisdom of crowd effect. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108(22):9020-9025.

Rauhut, Heiko; Lorenz, Jan; Schweizer, Frank; Helbing, Dirk (2011). Reply to Farrell: Improved individual estimation success can imply collective tunnel vision. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 108(36):E626.

Helbing, Dirk; Yu, Wenjian; Rauhut, Heiko (2011). Self-organization and emergence in social systems. Modeling the coevolution of social environments and cooperative behavior. Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 35(1):177-208.

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