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Schlegel, Felix; Sych, Yaroslav; Schroeter, Aileen; Stobart, Jillian; Weber, Bruno; Helmchen, Fritjof; Rudin, Markus (2018). Fiber-optic implant for simultaneous fluorescence-based calcium recordings and BOLD fMRI in mice. Nature Protocols, 13(5):840-855.

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van der Bourg, Alexander; Yang, Jenq-Wei; Reyes-Puerta, Vicente; Laurenczy, Balazs; Wieckhorst, Martin; Stüttgen, Maik C; Luhmann, Heiko J; Helmchen, Fritjof (2017). Layer-specific refinement of sensory coding in developing mouse barrel cortex. Cerebral Cortex, 27(10):4835-4850.

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Leitner, Frauke C; Melzer, Sarah; Lütcke, Henry; Pinna, Roberta; Seeburg, Peter H; Helmchen, Fritjof; Monyer, Hannah (2016). Spatially segregated feedforward and feedback neurons support differential odor processing in the lateral entorhinal cortex. Nature Neuroscience, 19(7):935-944.

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Helmchen, Fritjof (2007). Biochemical compartmentalization in dendrites. In: Stuart, Greg; et al. Dendrites. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 251-286.

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