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Heppelmann, M; Volland, J; Pfarrer, C; Kietzmann, M; Bäumer, W; Merbach, S; Schoon, H-A; Wellnitz, O; Schmicke, M; Hoedemaker, M; Bollwein, Heiner (2018). Effects of oxytocin and PGF2α on uterine contractility in cows with and without metritis-An in-vitro study. Animal Reproduction Science, 188:144-154.

Górriz-Martín, L; Ulbrich, S E; Schmicke, M; Hirsbrunner, G; Keller, C; Yücesoy, N; Pfarrer, C; Bollwein, Heiner; Heppelmann, M (2017). The myometrial contractility during late pregnancy in dairy cows, in vitro. Animal Reproduction Science, 181:130-140.

Gürler, H; Malama, E; Heppelmann, M; Calisici, O; Leiding, C; Kastelic, J.P; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). Effects of cryopreservation on sperm viability, synthesis of reactive oxygen species, and DNA damage of bovine sperm. Theriogenology, 86(2):562-571.

Heppelmann, M; Weinert, M; Ulbrich, S E; Brömmling, A; Piechotta, M; Merbach, S; Schoon, H-A; Hoedemaker, M; Bollwein, Heiner (2016). The effect of puerperal uterine disease on histopathologic findings and mRNA expression of proinflammatory cytokines of the endometrium in dairy cows. Theriogenology, 85(7):1348-1356.

Heppelmann, M; Brömmling, A; Ulbrich, S E; Weinert, M; Piechotta, M; Wrenzycki, C; Merbach, S; Schoon, H-A; Hoedemaker, M; Bollwein, Heiner (2015). Effect of suppression of postpartum ovulation on endometrial inflammation in dairy cows. Theriogenology, 84(1):155-162.

Heppelmann, M; Krach, K; Krüger, L; Benz, P; Herzog, K; Piechotta, M; Hoedemaker, M; Bollwein, H (2015). Technical note: The use of a sonomicrometry system for monitoring uterine involution in postpartum dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, 98(3):1862-1869.

Piechotta, M; Holzhausen, L; Araújo, M G; Heppelmann, M; Sipka, A; Pfarrer, C; Schuberth, H J; Bollwein, H (2014). Antepartal insulin-like growth factor concentrations indicating differences in the metabolic adaptive capacity of dairy cows. Journal of Veterinary Science, 15(3):343-352.

Heppelmann, M; Brömmling, A; Weinert, M; Piechotta, M; Wrenzycki, C; Bollwein, H (2013). Effect of postpartum suppression of ovulation on uterine involution in dairy cows. Theriogenology, 80(5):519-525.

Piechotta, M; Kedves, K; Araújo, M G; Hoeflich, A; Metzger, F; Heppelmann, M; Muscher-Banse, A; Wrenzycki, C; Pfarrer, C; Schuberth, H J; Hoedemaker, M; Bollwein, H; Kaske, M (2013). Hepatic mRNA Expression of acid labile subunit and deiodinase 1 differs between cows selected for high versus low concentrations of insulin-like growth facor 1 in late pregnancy. Journal of Dairy Science, 96(6):3737-3749.

Heppelmann, M; Weinert, M; Brömmling, A; Piechotta, M; Hoedemaker, M; Bollwein, H (2013). The effect of puerperal uterine disease on uterine involution in cows assessed by Doppler sonography of the uterine arteries. Animal Reproduction Science, 143(1-4):1-7.

Heppelmann, M; Leidl, S; Bollwein, H (2013). Transrectal Doppler sonography of uterine blood flow during the first two weeks after parturition in Simmenthal heifers. Journal of Veterinary Science, 14(3):323-327.

Piechotta, M; Sander, A K; Kastelic, J P; Wilde, R; Heppelmann, M; Rudolphi, B; Schuberth, H J; Bollwein, H; Kaske, M (2012). Prepartum plasma insulin-like growth factor-I concentrations based on day of insemination are lower in cows developing postpartum diseases. Journal of Dairy Science, 95(3):1367-1370.

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