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Tan, W S; Ahmad, A; Feber, A; Mostafid, H; Cresswell, J; Fankhauser, C D; Waisbrod, S; Hermanns, T; Sasieni, P; Kelly, J D; DETECT I trial collaborators (2019). Development and validation of a haematuria cancer risk score to identify patients at risk of harbouring cancer. Journal of Internal Medicine, 285(4):436-445.

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Hermanns, T; Bhindi, B; Wei, Y; Yu, J; Noon, A P; Richard, P O; Bhatt, J R; Almatar, A; Jewett, M A S; Fleshner, N E; Zlotta, A R; Templeton, A J; Kulkarni, G S (2014). Pre-treatment neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as predictor of adverse outcomes in patients undergoing radical cystectomy for urothelial carcinoma of the bladder. British Journal of Cancer, 111(3):444-451.

Gerhardt, J; Montani, M; Wild, P J; Beer, M; Huber, F; Hermanns, T; Müntener, M; Kristiansen, G (2012). FOXA1 promotes tumor progression in prostate cancer and represents a novel hallmark of castration-resistant prostate cancer. American Journal of Pathology, 180(2):848-861.

Beer, M; Montani, M; Gerhardt, J; Wild, P J; Hany, T F; Hermanns, T; Müntener, M; Kristiansen, G (2012). Profiling gastrin-releasing peptide receptor in prostate tissues: Clinical implications and molecular correlates. Prostate, 72(3):318-325.

Mortezavi, A; Hermanns, T; Seifert, H H; Baumgartner, M; Provenzano, M; Sulser, T; Burger, M; Montani, M; Ikenberg, K; Hofstaedter, F; Hartmann, A; Jaggi, R; Moch, H; Kristiansen, G; Wild, P J (2011). KPNA2 expression is an independent adverse predictor of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy. Clinical Cancer Research, 17(5):1111-1121.

Hermanns, T; Strebel, D D; Hefermehl, L J; Gross, O; Mortezavi, A; Müller, A; Eberli, D; Müntener, M; Michel, M S; Meier, A H; Sulser, T; Seifert, H H (2011). Lithium triborate laser vaporization of the prostate using the 120 w, high performance system laser: high performance all the way? The Journal of Urology, 185(6):2241-2247.

Beermann, A; Ghanjati, F; Hermanns, T; Poyet, C; Pereira, J; Fischer, J; Wernet, P; Santourlidis, S (2011). Methods for separate isolation of cell-free DNA and cellular DNA from urine-application of methylation-specific PCR on both DNA fractions. The Open Biomarkers Journal, 4:15-17.

Gerhardt, J; Steinbrech, C; Büchi, O; Behnke, S; Bohnert, A; Fritzsche, F; Liewen, H; Stenner, F; Wild, P; Hermanns, T; Müntener, M; Dietel, M; Jung, K; Stephan, C; Kristiansen, G (2011). The androgen-regulated Calcium-Activated Nucleotidase 1 (CANT1) is commonly overexpressed in prostate cancer and is tumor-biologically relevant in vitro. American Journal of Pathology, 178(4):1847-1860.

Ikenberg, K; Fritzsche, F R; Zuerrer-Haerdi, U; Hofmann, I; Hermanns, T; Seifert, H; Müntener, M; Provenzano, M; Sulser, T; Behnke, S; Gerhardt, J; Mortezavi, A; Wild, P; Hofstädter, F; Burger, M; Moch, H; Kristiansen, G (2010). Insulin-like growth factor II mRNA binding protein 3 (IMP3) is overexpressed in prostate cancer and correlates with higher Gleason scores. BMC Cancer, 10:341.

Tischler, V; Fritzsche, F R; Wild, P J; Stephan, C; Seifert, H H; Riener, M O; Hermanns, T; Mortezavi, A; Gerhardt, J; Schraml, P; Jung, K; Moch, H; Soltermann, A; Kristiansen, G (2010). Periostin is up-regulated in high grade and high stage prostate cancer. BMC Cancer, 10:273.

Hermanns, T; Sauermann, P; Rufibach, K; Frauenfelder, T; Sulser, T; Strebel, R T (2009). Is There a Role for Tamsulosin in the Treatment of Distal Ureteral Stones of 7mm or Less? Results of a Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial. European Urology, 56(3):407-412.

Wild, P J; Fuchs, T; Stoehr, R; Zimmermann, D; Frigerio, S; Padberg, B; Steiner, I; Zwarthoff, E C; Burger, M; Denzinger, S; Hofstaedter, F; Kristiansen, G; Hermanns, T; Seifert, H H; Provenzano, M; Sulser, T; Roth, V; Buhmann, J M; Moch, H; Hartmann, A (2009). Detection of Urothelial Bladder Cancer Cells in Voided Urine Can Be Improved by a Combination of Cytology and Standardized Microsatellite Analysis. Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention, 18(6):1798-1806.

Hermanns, T; Sulser, T; Fatzer, M; Baumgartner, M K; Rey, J M; Sigrist, M W; Seifert, H H (2009). Laser fibre deterioration and loss of power output during photo-selective 80-W potassium-titanyl-phosphate laser vaporisation of the prostate. European Urology, 55(3):679-686.

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Sørensen, K D; Wild, P J; Mortezavi, A; Adolf, K; Tørring, N; Heebøll, S; Ulhøi, B P; Ottosen, P; Sulser, T; Hermanns, T; Moch, H; Borre, M; Ørntoft, T F; Dyrskjøt, L (2009). Genetic and epigenetic SLC18A2 silencing in prostate cancer is an independent adverse predictor of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy. Clinical Cancer Research, 15(4):1400-1410.

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Seifert, H H; Hermanns, T; Sulser, T (2008). Die Greenlight-Laservaporisation der Prostata zur Therapie des benignen Prostatasyndroms: Entwicklung und Stellenwert. Urologe Ausgabe, 47(8):964-968.

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