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Garde, A; Giraldo, B F; Jané, R; Latshang, T D; Turk, A J; Hess, T; Bosch, M M; Barthelmes, D; Merz, T M; Pichler Hefti, J; Schoch, O D; Bloch, K E (2015). Time-varying signal analysis to detect high-altitude periodic breathing in climbers ascending to extreme altitude. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing, 53(8):699-712.

Latshang, T D; Turk, A J; Hess, T; Schoch, O D; Bosch, M M; Barthelmes, D; Merz, T M; Hefti, U; Hefti, J P; Maggiorini, M; Bloch, K E (2013). Acclimatization improves submaximal exercise economy at 5533 m. Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, 23(4):458-467.

Merz, T M; Bosch, M M; Barthelmes, D; Pichler, J; Hefti, U; Schmitt, K U; Bloch, K E; Schoch, O D; Hess, T; Turk, A J; Schwarz, U (2013). Cognitive performance in high-altitude climbers: a comparative study of saccadic eye movements and neuropsychological tests. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 113(8):2015-2037.

Zappa, F; Droege, C; Betticher, D; von Moos, R; Bubendorf, L; Ochsenbein, A; Gautschi, O; Oppliger Leibundgut, E; Froesch, P; Stahel, R; Hess, T; Rauch, D; Schmid, P; Mayer, M; Crowe, S; Brauchli, P; Ribi, K; Pless, M (2012). Bevacizumab and erlotinib (BE) first-line therapy in advanced non-squamous non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) (stage IIIB/IV) followed by platinum-based chemotherapy (CT) at disease progression: a multicenter phase II trial (SAKK 19/05). Lung Cancer, 78(3):239-244.

Bloch, K E; Latshang, T D; Turk, A J; Hess, T; Hefti, U; Merz, T M; Bosch, M M; Barthelmes, D; Hefti, J P; Maggiorini, M; Schoch, O D (2010). Nocturnal periodic breathing during acclimatization at very high altitude at Mount Muztagh Ata (7,546 m). American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 182(4):562-568.

Langer, I; Guller, U; Berclaz, G; Koechli, O R; Moch, H; Schaer, G; Fehr, M K; Hess, T; Oertli, D; Bronz, L; Schnarwyler, B; Wight, E; Uehlinger, U; Infanger, E; Burger, D; Zuber, M (2009). Accuracy of frozen section of sentinel lymph nodes: a prospective analysis of 659 breast cancer patients of the Swiss multicenter study. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 113(1):129-136.

Bloch, K E; Turk, A J; Maggiorini, M; Hess, T; Merz, T; Bosch, M M; Barthelmes, D; Hefti, U; Pichler, J; Senn, O; Schoch, O D (2009). Effect of ascent protocol on acute mountain sickness and success at Muztagh Ata, 7546 m. High Altitude Medicine and Biology, 10(1):25-32.

Bosch, M M; Merz, T M; Barthelmes, D; Petrig, B L; Truffer, F; Bloch, K E; Turk, A; Maggiorini, G; Hess, T; Schoch, O D; Hefti, U; Sutter, F K P; Pichler, J; Huber, A; Landau, K (2009). New insights into ocular blood flow at very high altitudes. Journal of Applied Physiology, 106(2):454-460.

Pichler, J; Risch, L; Hefti, U; Merz, T M; Turk, A J; Bloch, K E; Maggiorini, M; Hess, T; Barthelmes, D; Schoch, O D; Risch, G; Huber, A R (2008). Glomerular filtration rate estimates decrease during high altitude expedition but increase with Lake Louise acute mountain sickness scores. Acta Physiologica, 192(3):443-450.

Hess, T; Linnhoff-Popien, C; Wirth, Werner; Rauscher, B; Hirnle, C; Hochstatter, I; Buchholz, T; Karnowski, V; von Pape, T (2007). Context-sensitive Content Provision for Classified Directories. In: Hess, T. Ubiquität, Interaktivität, Konvergenz und die Medienbranche. Ergebnisse des interdisziplinären Forschungsprojektes intermedia. Göttingen: Universitätsverlag Göttingen, 307-317.

Speich, R; Hauser, M; Hess, T; Wüst, J; Grebski, E; Kayser, F H; Russi, E W (1998). Low specificity of the bacterial index for the diagnosis of bacterial pneumonia by bronchoalveolar lavage. European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, 17(2):78-84.

Speich, R; Opravil, M; Weber, R; Hess, T; Luethy, R; Russi, E W (1992). Prospective evaluation of a prognostic score for Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in HIV-infected patients. Chest, 102(4):1045-1048.

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