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Euler, André; Stieltjes, Bram; Szucs-Farkas, Zsolt; Eichenberger, Reto; Reisinger, Clemens; Hirschmann, Anna; Zaehringer, Caroline; Kircher, Achim; Streif, Matthias; Bucher, Sabine; Buergler, David; D'Errico, Luigia; Kopp, Sebastién; Wilhelm, Markus; Schindera, Sebastian T (2017). Impact of Model-Based Iterative Reconstruction on Low-Contrast Lesion Detection and Image Quality in Abdominal CT a 12-Reader-Based Comparative Phantom Study with Filtered Back Projection at Different Tube Voltages. European Radiology, 27(12):5252-5259.

Hirschmann, Anna; Buck, Florian M; Herschel, Ramin; Pfirrmann, Christian W A; Fucentese, Sandro F (2017). Upright weight-bearing CT of the knee during flexion: changes of the patellofemoral and tibiofemoral articulations between 0° and 120°. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy, 25(3):853-862.

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Betz, Michael; Zingg, Patrick O; Hirschmann, Anna; Alireza, Amin; Dora, Claudio F (2014). Primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) in patients with incomplete hip abductor tears: does hip abductor repair improve outcome? Hip International, 24(4):399-404.

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Hirschmann, Anna; Sutter, Reto; Schweizer, Andreas; Pfirrmann, Christian W A (2013). The carpometacarpal joint of the thumb: MR appearance in asymptomatic volunteers. Skeletal Radiology, 42(8):1105-1112.

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