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Binz, T.M; Rietschel, L; Streit, F; Hofmann, M; Gehrke, J; Herdener, M; Quednow, B.B; Martin, N.G; Rietschel, M; Kraemer, T; Baumgartner, M.R (2018). Endogenous cortisol in keratinized matrices: systematic determination of baseline cortisol levels in hair and the influence of sex, age and hair color. Forensic Science International, 284:33-38.

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Krumbach, R; Schüler, J; Hofmann, M; Giesemann, T; Fiebig, H H; Beckers, T (2011). Primary resistance to cetuximab in a panel of patient-derived tumour xenograft models: activation of MET as one mechanism for drug resistance. European Journal of Cancer, 47(8):1231-1243.

Boss, A; Kolb, A; Hofmann, M; Bisdas, S; Nägele, T; Ernemann, U; Stegger, L; Rossi, C; Schlemmer, H P; Pfannenberg, C; Reimold, M; Claussen, C D; Pichler, B J; Klose, U (2010). Diffusion tensor imaging in a human PET/MR hybrid system. Investigative Radiology, 45(5):270-274.

Chaignat, V; Worwa, G; Scherrer, N; Hilbe, M; Ehrensperger, F; Batten, C; Cortyen, M; Hofmann, M; Thuer, B (2009). Toggenburg Orbivirus, a new bluetongue virus: Initial detection, first observations in field and experimental infection of goats and sheep. Veterinary Microbiology, 138(1-2):11-9.

Hofmann, M; Schradin, C; Geissmann, T (2007). Radiographic evaluation of neonatal skeletal development in Callimico goeldii reveals closer similarity to Callithrix jacchus than to Saguinus oedipus. American Journal of Primatology, 69(4):420-433.

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Hofmann, M; Rösler, A; Schwarz, W; Müller-Spahn, F; Kräuchi, K; Hock, C; Seifritz, E (2003). Interactive computer-training as a therapeutic tool in Alzheimer's disease. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 44(3):213-219.

Rösler, A; Seifritz, E; Kräuchi, K; Spoerl, D; Brokuslaus, I; Proserpi, S M; Gendre, A; Savaskan, E; Hofmann, M (2002). Skill learning in patients with moderate Alzheimer's disease: a prospective pilot-study of waltz-lessons. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 17(12):1155-1156.

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