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Arnold, Fabian M; Hohl, Michael; Remm, Sille; Koliwer-Brandl, Hendrik; Adenau, Sophia; Chusri, Sasitorn; Sander, Peter; Hilbi, Hubert; Seeger, Markus A (2018). A uniform cloning platform for mycobacterial genetics and protein production. Scientific Reports, 8:9539.

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Hürlimann, Lea M; Hohl, Michael; Seeger, Markus A (2017). Split tasks of asymmetric nucleotide-binding sites in the heterodimeric ABC exporter EfrCD. FEBS Journal, 284(11):1672-1687.

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Hürlimann, Lea M; Corradi, Valentina; Hohl, Michael; Bloemberg, Guido V; Tieleman, D Peter; Seeger, Markus A (2016). The heterodimeric ABC transporter EfrCD mediates multidrug efflux in enterococcus faecalis. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 60(9):5400-5411.

Bukowska, Magdalena A; Hohl, Michael; Geertsma, Eric R; Hürlimann, Lea M; Grütter, Markus G; Seeger, Markus A (2015). A Transporter Motor Taken Apart: Flexibility in the Nucleotide Binding Domains of a Heterodimeric ABC Exporter. Biochemistry, 54(19):3086-3099.

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Mueller, Michael; Eberhard, Markus; De Geyter, Christian; Häberlin, Felix; Hohl, Michael; Imesch, Patrick; Polli, Christian; Possover, Marc; Schiessl, Katharina; Wenger, Jean-Marie; Wunder, Dorothea (2012). Diagnostik und Therapie der Endometriose. Empfehlungen eines interdisziplinären Schweizer Panels zu Behandlung und Diagnostik der Endometriose. Frauenheilkunde Aktuell, (2):28-34.

Seeger, Markus A; Mittal, Anshumali; Velamakanni, Saroj; Hohl, Michael; Schauer, Stefan; Salaa, Ihsene; Grütter, Markus G; van Veen, Hendrik W (2012). Tuning the drug efflux activity of an ABC transporter in vivo by in vitro selected DARPin binders. PLoS ONE, 7(6):e37845.

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