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Boch, S; Ginzler, C; Schmidt, B R; Bedolla, A; Ecker, K; Graf, U; Küchler, H; Küchler, M; Holderegger, R; Bergamini, A (2018). Wirkt der Schutz von Biotopen? Ein Programm zum Monitoring der Biotope von nationaler Bedeutung in der Schweiz. ANLiegen Natur, 40(1):39-48.

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Bergamini, A; Ginzler, C; Schmidt, B R; Küchler, M; Holderegger, R (2013). Rendre les changements visibles. Hotspot, 28:18-19.

Bergamini, A; Ginzler, C; Schmidt, B R; Küchler, M; Holderegger, R (2013). Veränderungen sichtbar machen. Hotspot, 28:18-19.

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Wirth, L R; Waser, N M; Graf, R; Gugerli, F; Landergott, U; Erhardt, A; Linder, H P; Holderegger, R (2011). Effects of floral neighborhood on seed set and degree of outbreeding in a high-alpine cushion plant. Oecologia, 167(2):427-434.

Alvarez, N; Thiel-Egenter, C; Tribsch, A; Holderegger, R; Manel, S; Schönswetter, P; Taberlet, P; Brodbeck, S; Gaudeul, M; Gielly, L; Küpfer, P; Mansion, G; Negrini, R; Paun, O; Pellecchia, M; Rioux, D; Schüpfer, F; Van Loo, M; Winkler, M; Gugerli, F (2009). History or ecology? Substrate type as a major driver of spatial genetic structure in Alpine plants. Ecology Letters, 12(7):632-640.

Angelone, S; Holderegger, R (2009). Population genetics suggests effectiveness of habitat connectivity measures for the European tree frog in Switzerland. Journal of Applied Ecology, 46(4):879-889.

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