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Dyshlovoy, S A; Menchinskaya, E S; Venz, S; Rast, S; Amann, K; Hauschild, J; Otte, K; Kalinin, V I; Silchenko, A S; Avilov, S A; Alsdorf, W; Madanchi, R; Bokemeyer, C; Schumacher, U; Walther, R; Aminin, D L; Fedorov, S N; Shubina, L K; Stonik, V A; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; von Amsberg, G (2016). The marine triterpene glycoside frondoside A exhibits activity in vitro and in vivo in prostate cancer. International Journal of Cancer, 138(10):2450-2465.

Dyshlovoy, S A; Venz, S; Hauschild, J; Tabakmakher, K M; Otte, K; Madanchi, R; Walther, R; Guzii, A G; Makarieva, T N; Shubina, L K; Fedorov, S N; Stonik, V A; Bokemeyer, C; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; V Amsberg, G (2016). Anti-migratory activity of marine alkaloid monanchocidin A : proteomics-based discovery and confirmation. Proteomics, 16(10):1590-1603.

Dyshlovoy, S A; Hauschild, J; Amann, K; Tabakmakher, K M; Venz, S; Walther, R; Guzii, A G; Makarieva, T N; Shubina, L K; Fedorov, S N; Stonik, V A; Bokemeyer, C; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; von Amsberg, G (2015). Marine alkaloid Monanchocidin a overcomes drug resistance by induction of autophagy and lysosomal membrane permeabilization. OncoTarget, 6(19):17328-17341.

Oldenburg, J; Aparicio, J; Beyer, J; Cohn-Cedermark, G; Cullen, M; Gilligan, T; De Giorgi, U; De Santis, M; de Wit, R; Fosså, S D; Germà-Lluch, J R; Gillessen, S; Haugnes, H S; Honecker, F; Horwich, A; Lorch, A; Ondruš, D; Rosti, G; Stephenson, A J; Tandstad, T (2015). Personalizing, not patronizing: the case for patient autonomy by unbiased presentation of management options in stage I testicular cancer. Annals of Oncology, 26(5):833-838.

Niegisch, G; Retz, M; Thalgott, M; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; Ohlmann, C H; Stöckle, M; Bögemann, M; Vom Dorp, F; Gschwend, J; Hartmann, A; Ohmann, C; Albers, P (2015). Second-Line Treatment of Advanced Urothelial Cancer with Paclitaxel and Everolimus in a German Phase II Trial (AUO Trial AB 35/09). Oncology, 89(2):70-78.

Honecker, F; Rohlfing, T; Harder, S; Braig, M; Gillis, A J; Glaesener, S; Barett, C; Bokemeyer, C; Buck, F; Brümmendorf, T H; Looijenga, L H; Balabanov, S (2014). Proteome analysis of the effects of all-trans retinoic acid on human germ cell tumor cell lines. Journal of Proteomics, 96:300-313.

Dyshlovoy, S A; Venz, S; Shubina, L K; Fedorov, S N; Walther, R; Jacobson, C; Stonik, V A; Bokemeyer, C; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F (2014). Activity of aaptamine and two derivatives, demethyloxyaaptamine and isoaaptamine, in cisplatin-resistant germ cell cancer. Journal of Proteomics, 96:223-239.

Dyshlovoy, S A; Naeth, I; Venz, S; Preukschas, M; Sievert, H; Jacobsen, C; Shubina, L K; Gesell Salazar, M; Scharf, C; Walther, R; Krepstakies, M; Priyadarshini, P; Hauber, J; Fedorov, S N; Bokemeyer, C; Stonik, V A; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F (2012). Proteomic profiling of germ cell cancer cells treated with aaptamine, a marine alkaloid with antiproliferative activity. Journal of Proteome Research, 11(4):2316-2330.

Nitzsche, B; Gloesenkamp, C; Schrader, M; Hoffmann, B; Zengerling, F; Balabanov, S; Honecker, F; Höpfner, M (2012). Anti-tumour activity of two novel compounds in cisplatin-resistant testicular germ cell cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 107(11):1853-1863.

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