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Andritschke, Daniel; Dilling, Sabrina; Emmenlauer, Mario; Welz, Tobias; Schmich, Fabian; Misselwitz, Benjamin; Rämö, Pauli; Rottner, Klemens; Kerkhoff, Eugen; Wada, Teiji; Penninger, Josef M; Beerenwinkel, Niko; Horvath, Peter; Dehio, Christoph; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich (2016). A genome-wide siRNA screen implicates Spire1/2 in SipA-driven salmonella typhimurium host cell invasion. PLoS ONE, 11(9):e0161965.

Smith, Kevin; Li, Yunpeng; Piccinini, Filippo; Csucs, Gabor; Balazs, Csaba; Bevilacqua, Alessandro; Horvath, Peter (2015). CIDRE: an illumination-correction method for optical microscopy. Nature Methods, 12(5):404-406.

Meier, Roger; Franceschini, Andrea; Horvath, Peter; Tetard, Marilou; Mancini, Roberta; von Mering, Christian; Helenius, Ari; Lozach, Pierre-Yves (2014). Genome-Wide Small Interfering RNA Screens Reveal VAMP3 as a Novel Host Factor Required for Uukuniemi Virus Late Penetration. Journal of Virology, 88(15):8565-8578.

Piccinini, Filippo; Bevilacqua, Alessandro; Smith, Kevin; Horvath, Peter (2013). Vignetting and photo-bleaching correction in automated fluorescence microscopy from an array of overlapping images. In: 10th IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), San Francisco, CA, U.S.A., 2013 - 2013.

Misselwitz, Benjamin; Barrett, Naomi; Kreibich, Saskia; Vonaesch, Pascale; Andritschke, Daniel; Rout, Samuel; Weidner, Kerstin; Sormaz, Milos; Songhet, Pascal; Horvath, Peter; Chabria, Mamta; Vogel, Viola; Spori, Doris M; Jenny, Patrick; Hardt, Wolf-Dietrich (2012). Near surface swimming of Salmonella Typhimurium explains target-site selection and cooperative invasion. PLoS Pathogens, 8(7):e1002810.

Lee, Sung Sik; Horvath, Peter; Pelet, Serge; Hegemann, Björn; Lee, Luke P; Peter, Matthias (2012). Quantitative and dynamic assay of single cell chemotaxis. Integrative Biology, 4(4):381.

Laurell, Eva; Beck, Katja; Krupina, Ksenia; Theerthagiri, Gandhi; Bodenmiller, Bernd; Horvath, Peter; Aebersold, Ruedi; Antonin, Wolfram; Kutay, Ulrike (2011). Phosphorylation of Nup98 by multiple kinases is crucial for NPC disassembly during mitotic entry. Cell, 144(4):539-550.

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