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Noain, Daniela; Büchele, Fabian; Schreglmann, Sebastian R; Valko, Philipp O; Gavrilov, Yuri V; Morawska, Marta M; Imbach, Lukas L; Baumann, Christian R (2018). Increased Sleep Need and Reduction of Tuberomammillary Histamine Neurons after Rodent Traumatic Brain Injury. Journal of Neurotrauma, 35(1):85-93.

Bichsel, Oliver; Gassert, Roger; Stieglitz, Lennart; Uhl, Mechtild; Baumann-Vogel, Heide; Waldvogel, Daniel; Baumann, Christian R; Imbach, Lukas L (2018). Functionally separated networks for self-paced and externally-cued motor execution in Parkinson's disease: Evidence from deep brain recordings in humans. NeuroImage, 177:20-29.

Büchele, Fabian; Hackius, Marc; Schreglmann, Sebastian R; Omlor, Wolfgang; Werth, Esther; Maric, Angelina; Imbach, Lukas L; Hägele-Link, Stefan; Waldvogel, Daniel; Baumann, Christian R (2018). Sodium Oxybate for Excessive Daytime Sleepiness and Sleep Disturbance in Parkinson Disease: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Neurology, 75(1):114.

Schoch, Sarah F; Werth, Esther; Poryazova, Rositsa; Scammell, Thomas E; Baumann, Christian R; Imbach, Lukas L (2017). Dysregulation of Sleep Behavioral States in Narcolepsy. Sleep, 40(12):zsx170.

Efthymiou, Evdokia; Renzel, Roland; Baumann, Christian R; Poryazova, Rositsa; Imbach, Lukas L (2017). Predictive value of EEG in postanoxic encephalopathy: A quantitative model-based approach. Resuscitation, 119:27-32.

Baumann-Vogel, Heide; Imbach, Lukas L; Sürücü, Oguzkan; Stieglitz, Lennart; Waldvogel, Daniel; Baumann, Christian R; Werth, Esther (2017). The impact of subthalamic deep brain stimulation on sleep-wake behavior: A prospective electrophysiological study in 50 Parkinson patients. Sleep, 40(5):zsx033.

Murer, Tobias; Imbach, Lukas L; Hackius, Marc; Taddei, Raquel N; Werth, Esther; Poryazova, Rositsa; Gavrilov, Yury V; Winkler, Sophie; Waldvogel, Daniel; Baumann, Christian R; Valko, Philipp O (2017). Optimizing MSLT Specificity in Narcolepsy With Cataplexy. Sleep, 40(12):zsx173.

Hackius, Marc; Werth, Esther; Sürücü, Oguzkan; Baumann, Christian R; Imbach, Lukas L (2016). Electrophysiological Evidence for Alternative Motor Networks in REM Sleep Behavior Disorder. Journal of Neuroscience, 36(46):11795-11800.

Imbach, Lukas L; Sommerauer, Michael; Poryazova, Rositsa; Werth, Esther; Valko, Philipp O; Scammell, Thomas E; Baumann, Christian R (2016). Bradysomnia in Parkinson's disease. Clinical Neurophysiology, 127(2):1403-1409.

Sommerauer, Michael; Imbach, Lukas L; Jarallah, Mohan; Baumann, Christian R; Valko, Philipp O (2015). Diminished event-related cortical arousals and altered heart rate response in Parkinson's disease. Movement Disorders, 30(6):866-870.

Imbach, Lukas L; Baumann-Vogel, Heide; Baumann, Christian R; Sürücü, Oguzkan; Hermsdörfer, Joachim; Sarnthein, Johannes (2015). Adaptive grip force is modulated by subthalamic beta activity in Parkinson's disease patients. NeuroImage: Clinical, 9:450-457.

Imbach, Lukas L; Sommerauer, Michael; Leuenberger, Kaspar; Schreglmann, Sebastian R; Maier, Oliver; Uhl, Mechtild; Gassert, Roger; Baumann, Christian R (2014). Dopamine-responsive pattern in tremor patients. Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, 20(11):1283-1286.

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