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Berg, S; Armstrong, R; Ott, H; Georgiadis, A; Klapp, S; Schwing, A; Neiteler, R; Brussee, N; Makurat, A; Leu, L; Enzmann, F; Schwarz, J O; Wolf, M; Khan, F; Kersten, M; Irvine, S; Stampanoni, M (2014). Multiphase flow in porous rock imaged under dynamic flow conditions with fast x-ray computed microtomography. Petrophysics, 55:304.

Irvine, S; Mokso, R; Modregger, P; Wang, Z; Marone, F; Stampanoni, M (2014). Simple merging technique for improving resolution in qualitative single image phase contrast tomography. Optics Express, 22(22):27257.

Antonini, C; Lee, J B; Maitra, T; Irvine, S; Derome, D; Tiwari, Manish K; Carmeliet, J; Poulikakos, D (2014). Unraveling wetting transition through surface textures with X-rays: Liquid meniscus penetration phenomena. Scientific Reports, 4:1.

Mokso, R; Marone, F; Irvine, S; Nyvlt, M; Schwyn, D; Mader, K; Taylor, G K; Krapp, H G; Skeren, M; Stampanoni, M (2013). Advantages of phase retrieval for fast x-ray tomographic microscopy. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 46(49):494004.

Berg, S; Ott, H; Klapp, S A; Schwing, A; Neiteler, R; Brussee, N; Makurat, A; Leu, L; Enzmann, F; Schwarz, J-O; Kersten, M; Irvine, S; Stampanoni, M (2013). Real-time 3D imaging of Haines jumps in porous media flow. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(10):3755-3759.

Mokso, R; Quaroni, L; Marone, F; Irvine, S; Vila-Comamala, J; Blanke, A; Stampanoni, M (2012). X-ray mosaic nanotomography of large microorganisms. Journal of Structural Biology, 177(2):233-238.

Marone, F; Mokso, R; Fife, J L; Irvine, S; Modregger, P; Pinzer, B R; Mader, K; Isenegger, A; Mikuljan, G; Stampanoni, M (2011). Synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy at the Swiss light source for industrial applications. Synchrotron Radiation News, 24(6):24-29.

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