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Barry, Kathryn E; Mommer, Liesje; van Ruijven, Jasper; Wirth, Christian; Wright, Alexandra J; Bai, Yongfei; Connolly, John; De Deyn, Gerlinde B; de Kroon, Hans; Isbell, Forest; Milcu, Alexandru; Roscher, Christiane; Scherer-Lorenzen, Michael; Schmid, Bernhard; Weigelt, Alexandra (2019). The future of complementarity: disentangling causes from consequences. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 34(2):167-180.

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Isbell, Forest; Craven, Dylan; Connolly, John; Loreau, Michel; et al; Schmid, Bernhard; Niklaus, Pascal A (2015). Biodiversity increases the resistance of ecosystem productivity to climate extremes. Nature, 526(7574):574-577.

de Mazancourt, Claire; Isbell, Forest; Larocque, Allen; Berendse, Frank; De Luca, Enrica; Grace, James B; Haegeman, Bart; Polley, H Wayne; Roscher, Christiane; Schmid, Bernhard; Tilman, David; van Ruijven, Jasper; Weigelt, Alexandra; Wilsey, Brian J; Loreau, Michel (2013). Predicting ecosystem stability from community composition and biodiversity. Ecology Letters, 16(5):617-625.

Reich, Peter B; Tilman, David; Isbell, Forest; Mueller, Kevin; Hobbie, Sarah E; Flynn, Dan F B; Eisenhauer, Nico (2012). Impacts of biodiversity loss escalate through time as redundancy fades. Science, 336(6081):589-592.

Loreau, Michel; Sapijanskas, Jurgis; Isbell, Forest; Hector, Andy (2012). Niche and fitness differences relate the maintenance of diversity to ecosystem function: comment. Ecology, 93(6):1482-1487.

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