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Braun, Ueli; Janett, Fredi; Züblin, Sarah; von Büren, Michèle; Hilbe, Monika; Zanoni, Reto; Schweizer, Matthias (2018). Insemination with border disease virus-infected semen results in seroconversion in cows but not persistent infection in fetuses. BMC Veterinary Research, 14(1):159.

Jeannerat, E; Marti, E; Berney, C; Janett, Fredi; Bollwein, Heiner; Sieme, H; Burger, D; Wedekind, C (2018). Stallion semen quality depends on major histocompatibility complex matching to teaser mare. Molecular Ecology, 27(4):1025-1035.

Wach-Gygax, L; Burger, D; Malama, Eleni; Bollwein, Heiner; Fleisch, A; Jeannerat, E; Thomas, S; Schuler, G; Janett, Fredi (2017). Seasonal changes of DNA fragmentation and quality of raw and cold-stored stallion spermatozoa. Theriogenology, 99:98-104.

Bollwein, Heiner; Janett, Fredi; Kaske, M (2017). Effects of nutrition on sexual development of bulls. Animal Reproduction, 14(3):607-613.

Braun, Ueli; Malbon, Alexandra; Kochan, Manon; Riond, Barbara; Janett, Fredi; Iten, Cornelia; Dennler, Matthias (2017). Computed tomographic findings and treatment of a bull with pituitary gland abscess. Acta veterinaria Scandinavica, 59(1):8.

Fleisch, Andreas; Malama, Eleni; Witschi, U; Leiding, C; Siuda, Mathias; Janett, Fredi; Bollwein, Heiner (2017). Effects of an extension of the equilibration period up to 96 hours on the characteristics of cryopreserved bull semen. Theriogenology, 89:255-262.

Malama, E; Zeron, Y; Janett, Fredi; Siuda, Mathias; Roth, Z; Bollwein, Heiner (2017). Use of computer-assisted sperm analysis and flow cytometry to detect seasonal variations of bovine semen quality. Theriogenology, 87:79-90.

Schmid, D; Schiess, A; Tustain, G; Fleisch, Andreas; Bollwein, Heiner; Janett, Fredi (2016). Sonographische Trächtigkeitsuntersuchung und Bestimmung von Anzahl und Alter der Feten beim Schaf. Schweizer Archiv für Tierheilkunde, 158(2):93-101.

Bollwein, Heiner; Janett, Fredi; Kaske, Martin (2016). Impact of nutritional programming on the growth, health, and sexual development of bull calves. Domestic animal endocrinology, 56(Suppl):S180-S190.

Braun, Ueli; Hilbe, Monika; Janett, Fredi; Hässig, Michael; Zanoni, Reto; Frei, Sandra; Schweizer, Matthias (2015). Transmission of border disease virus from a persistently infected calf to seronegative heifers in early pregnancy. BMC Veterinary Research, 11(43):online.

Fleisch, A; Werne, S; Heckendorn, F; Hartnack, Sonja; Piechotta, M; Bollwein, Heiner; Thun, R; Janett, Fredi (2012). Comparison of 6-day progestagen treatment with Chronogest® CR and Eazi-breed™ CIDR® G intravaginal inserts for estrus synchronization in cyclic ewes. Small Ruminant Research, 107(2-3):141-146.

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