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Meerang, M; Ritz, D; Paliwal, S; Garajova, Z; Bosshard, M; Mailand, N; Janscak, P; Hübscher, U; Meyer, H; Ramadan, K (2011). The ubiquitin-selective segregase VCP/p97 orchestrates the response to DNA double-strand breaks. Nature Cell Biology, 13(11):1376-1382.

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Spycher, C; Miller, E S; Townsend, K; Pavic, L; Morrice, N A; Janscak, P; Stewart, G S; Stucki, M (2008). Constitutive phosphorylation of MDC1 physically links the MRE11-RAD50-NBS1 complex to damaged chromatin. Journal of Cell Biology, 181(2):227-240.

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Janscak, P; Bickle, T A (2000). DNA supercoiling during ATP-dependent DNA translocation by the type I restriction enzyme EcoAI. Journal of Molecular Biology, 295(4):1089-1099.

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