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Romano, L; Kagias, M; Jefimovs, K; Stampanoni, M (2016). Self-assembly nanostructured gold for high aspect ratio silicon microstructures by metal assisted chemical etching. RSC Advances, 6(19):16025-16029.

Patera, A; Jefimovs, K; Rafsanjani, A; Voisard, F; Mokso, R; Derome, D; Carmeliet, J (2014). Micro-Scale Restraint Methodology for Humidity Induced Swelling Investigated by Phase Contrast X-Ray Tomography. Experimental Mechanics, 54(7):1215-1226.

Helfenstein, P; Jefimovs, K; Kirk, E; Escher, C; Fink, H-W; Tsujino, S (2012). Fabrication of metallic double-gate field emitter arrays and their electron beam collimation characteristics. Journal of Applied Physics, 112(9):093307.

Helfenstein, P; Kirk, E; Jefimovs, K; Vogel, T; Escher, C; Fink, H W; Tsujino, S (2011). Highly collimated electron beams from double-gate field emitter arrays with large collimation gate apertures. Applied Physics Letters, 98(6):061502.

Sannomiya, T; Scholder, O; Jefimovs, K; Hafner, C; Dahlin, A B (2011). Investigation of Plasmon Resonances in Metal Films with Nanohole Arrays for Biosensing Applications. Small, 7(12):1653-1663.

Stampanoni, M; Marone, F; Vila-Comamala, J; Gorelick, S; David, C; Trtik, P; Jefimovs, K; Mokso, R (2010). Hard X-ray Phase-Contrast Tomographic Nanoimaging. In: 10th International Conference on X-Ray Microscopy, Chicago, Illinois, (USA), 15 August 2010 - 20 August 2010, 239-242.

Stampanoni, M; Mokso, R; Marone, F; Vila-Comamala, J; Gorelick, S; Trtik, P; Jefimovs, K; David, C (2010). Phase-contrast tomography at the nanoscale using hard x rays. Physical Review B, 81(14):140105.

Vila-Comamala, J; Jefimovs, K; Pilvi, T; Ritala, M; Sarkar, S S; Solak, H H; Guzenko, V A; Stampanoni, M; Marone, F; Raabe, J; Tzvetkov, G; Fink, R H; Grolimund, D; Borca, C N; Kaulich, B; David, C (2009). Advanced X-ray diffractive optics. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 186:012078.

Jefimovs, K; Vila-Comamala, J; Stampanoni, M; Kaulich, B; David, C (2008). Beam-shaping condenser lenses for full-field transmission X-ray microscopy. Journal of Synchrotron Radiation, 15(Pt 1):106-108.

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