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Pfeifer, Roman; Halvachizadeh, Sascha; Schick, Sylvia; Sprengel, Kai; Jensen, Kai Oliver; Teuben, Michel; Mica, Ladislav; Neuhaus, Valentin; Pape, Hans-Christoph (2019). Are Pre-hospital Trauma Deaths Preventable? A Systematic Literature Review. World Journal of Surgery, 43(10):2438-2446.

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Heining, Sandro Michael; Keller, Catharina; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Pape, Hans-Christoph; Jensen, Kai Oliver; Pothmann, Carina Eva Maria; Berli, Martin; Sprengel, Kai; Mica, Ladislav (2018). The initial trauma associated hemorrhagic shock in the multiply injured patient has pro-inflammatory effects. A retrospective single center cohort study. Trauma and Emergency Care, 3(4):1-5.

Waydhas, Christian; Baake, Markus; Becker, Lars; Buck, Boris; Düsing, Helena; Heindl, Björn; Jensen, Kai Oliver; Lefering, Rolf; Mand, Carsten; Paffrath, T; Schweigkofler, Uwe; Sprengel, Kai; Trentzsch, Heiko; Wohlrath, Bernd; Bieler, Dan (2018). A consensus-based criterion standard for the requirement of a trauma team. World Journal of Surgery, 42(9):2800-2809.

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Gamba, Sebastian; Lachat, Mario; Alkadhi, Hatem; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Jensen, Kai Oliver (2017). Radiographically occult perforation and dissection of the common carotid artery following stab injury to the neck. Trauma Case Reports, 9:17-21.

Mica, Ladislav; Jensen, Kai Oliver; Keller, Catharina; Wirth, S H; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Sprengel, Kai (2017). Underestimated Traumatic Brain Injury in Multiple Injured Patients; Is the Glasgow Coma Scale a Reliable Tool? About Trauma & Acute Care:online.

Gloor, Severin; Jensen, Kai Oliver; Breitenstein, Stefan; Binkert, Christoph A; Angst, Eliane; Hetzer, Franc Heinrich (2017). Acute abdomen: a rare case of ruptured hepatocellular carcinoma. Case Reports in Gastroenterology, 11(1):155-161.

Jensen, Kai Oliver; Alkadhi, Hatem; Siewert, Carsten; Simmen, Hans Peter (2017). 6 Jahre später – Langzeitnachuntersuchung nach seltener Verletzung im Kindesalter. Der Unfallchirurg, 120(7):616-618.

Jensen, Kai Oliver; Held, Leonhard; Kraus, Andrea; Hildebrand, Frank; Mommsen, Philipp; Mica, Ladislav; Wanner, Guido A; Steiger, Peter; Moos, Rudolf M; Simmen, Hans-Peter; Sprengel, Kai (2016). The impact of mild induced hypothermia on the rate of transfusion and the mortality in severely injured patients: a retrospective multi-centre study. European Journal of Medical Research:21:37.

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Jensen, Kai Oliver. The Impact of mild induced hypothermia on the rate of Transfusion and the mortality in severely injured patients - a retrospective multi-Center study. 2016, University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine.

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