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Porro, Antonio; Berti, Matteo; Pizzolato, Julia; Bologna, Serena; Kaden, Svenja; Saxer, Anja; Ma, Yue; Nagasawa, Kazuo; Sartori, Alessandro A; Jiricny, Josef (2017). FAN1 interaction with ubiquitylated PCNA alleviates replication stress and preserves genomic integrity independently of BRCA2. Nature Communications, 8(1):1073.

Hermans, Nicolaas; Laffeber, Charlie; Cristovão, Michele; Artola-Borán, Mariela; Mardenborough, Yannicka; Ikpa, Pauline; Jaddoe, Aruna; Winterwerp, Herrie H K; Wyman, Claire; Jiricny, Josef; Kanaar, Roland; Friedhoff, Peter; Lebbink, Joyce H G (2016). Dual daughter strand incision is processive and increases the efficiency of DNA mismatch repair. Nucleic Acids Research, 44(14):6770-6786.

Bregenhorn, Stephanie; Kallenberger, Lia; Artola-Borán, Mariela; Peña-Diaz, Javier; Jiricny, Josef (2016). Non-canonical uracil processing in DNA gives rise to double-strand breaks and deletions: relevance to class switch recombination. Nucleic Acids Research, 44(6):2691-2705.

Pizzolato, Julia; Mukherjee, Shivam; Schaerer, Orlando D; Jiricny, Josef (2015). FANCD2-associated nuclease 1, but not exonuclease 1 or flap endonuclease 1, is able to unhook DNA interstrand cross-links in vitro. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290:22602-22611.

Repmann, Simone; Olivera-Harris, Maite; Jiricny, Josef (2015). Influence of oxidized purine processing on strand directionality of mismatch repair. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 290(16):9986-9999.

Olivera Harris, Maite; Kallenberger, Lia; Artola Borán, Mariela; Enoiu, Milica; Costanzo, Vincenzo; Jiricny, Josef (2015). Mismatch repair-dependent metabolism of O(6)-methylguanine-containing DNA in Xenopus laevis egg extracts. DNA repair, 28C:1-7.

Gentili, Christian; Castor, Dennis; Kaden, Svenja; Lauterbach, David; Gysi, Mario; Steigemann, Patrick; Gerlich, Daniel W; Jiricny, Josef; Ferrari, Stefano (2015). Chromosome Missegregation Associated with RUVBL1 Deficiency. PLoS ONE, 10(7):e0133576.

Vonlanthen, Janine; Okoniewski, Michal J; Menigatti, Mirco; Cattaneo, Elisa; Pellegrini-Ochsner, Daniela; Haider, Ritva; Jiricny, Josef; Staiano, Teresa; Buffoli, Federico; Marra, Giancarlo (2014). A comprehensive look at transcription factor gene expression changes in colorectal adenomas. BMC Cancer, 14:46.

Bregenhorn, Stephanie; Jiricny, Josef (2014). Biochemical characterization of a cancer-associated E109K missense variant of human exonuclease 1. Nucleic Acids Research, 42(11):7096-7103.

Alvino, Ester; Passarelli, Francesca; Cannavò, Elda; Fortes, Cristina; Mastroeni, Simona; Caporali, Simona; Jiricny, Josef; Cappellini, Gian Carlo Antonini; Scoppola, Alessandro; Marchetti, Paolo; Modesti, Andrea; D'Atri, Stefania (2014). High expression of the mismatch repair protein MSH6 is associated with poor patient survival in melanoma. American Journal of Clinical Pathology, 142(1):121-132.

Ghodgaonkar, Medini Manohar; Kehl, Patrick; Ventura, Ilenia; Hu, Liyan; Bignami, Margherita; Jiricny, Josef (2014). Phenotypic characterization of missense polymerase-δ mutations using an inducible protein-replacement system. Nature Communications, 5:4990.

Tiwari, Amit; Schneider, Mirjam; Fiorino, Antonio; Haider, Ritva; Okoniewski, Michal J; Roschitzki, Bernd; Uzozie, Anuli; Menigatti, Mirco; Jiricny, Josef; Marra, Giancarlo (2013). Early insights into the function of KIAA1199, a markedly overexpressed protein in human colorectal tumors. PLoS ONE, 8(7):e69473.

Campo, Vanina A; Patenaude, Anne-Marie; Kaden, Svenja; Horb, Lori; Firka, Daniel; Jiricny, Josef; Di Noia, Javier M (2013). MSH6- or PMS2-deficiency causes re-replication in DT40 B cells, but it has little effect on immunoglobulin gene conversion or on repair of AID-generated uracils. Nucleic Acids Research, 41(5):3032-3046.

Jiricny, Josef (2013). Postreplicative mismatch repair. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology, 5(4):online.

Ghodgaonkar, Medini Manohar; Lazzaro, Federico; Olivera-Pimentel, Maite; Artola-Borán, Mariela; Cejka, Petr; Reijns, Martin A; Jackson, Andrew P; Plevani, Paolo; Muzi-Falconi, Marco; Jiricny, Josef (2013). Ribonucleotides misincorporated into DNA act as strand-discrimination signals in eukaryotic mismatch repair. Molecular Cell, 50(3):323-332.

Dittrich, Christina M; Kratz, Katja; Sendoel, Ataman; Gruenbaum, Yosef; Jiricny, Josef; Hengartner, Michael O (2012). LEM-3 - A LEM domain containing nuclease involved in the DNA damage response in C. elegans. PLoS ONE, 7(2):e24555.

Peña-Diaz, Javier; Jiricny, Josef (2012). Mammalian mismatch repair: error-free or error-prone? Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 37(5):206-214.

Peña-Diaz, Javier; Bregenhorn, Stephanie; Ghodgaonkar, Medini; Follonier, Cindy; Artola-Borán, Mariela; Castor, Dennis; Lopes, Massimo; Sartori, Alessandro A; Jiricny, Josef (2012). Noncanonical Mismatch Repair as a Source of Genomic Instability in Human Cells. Molecular Cell, 47(5):669-680.

Enoiu, Milica; Jiricny, Josef; Schärer, Orlando D (2012). Repair of cisplatin-induced DNA interstrand crosslinks by a replication-independent pathway involving transcription-coupled repair and translesion synthesis. Nucleic Acids Research, 40(18):8953-8964.

Brachner, Andreas; Braun, Juliane; Ghodgaonkar, Medini; Castor, Dennis; Zlopasa, Livija; Ehrlich, Veronika; Jiricny, Josef; Gotzmann, Josef; Knasmüller, Siegfried; Foisner, Roland (2012). The endonuclease Ankle1 requires its LEM and GIY-YIG motifs for DNA cleavage in vivo. Journal of Cell Science, 125(Pt 4):1048-1057.

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