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Johnston, A J; Murphy, K T; Jenkinson, L; Laine, D; Emmrich, K; Faou, P; Weston, R; Jayatilleke, K M; Schloegel, J; Talbo, G; Casey, J L; Levina, V; Wong, W W; Dillon, H; Sahay, T; Hoogenraad, J; Anderton, H; Hall, C; Schneider, P; Tanzer, M; Foley, M; Scott, A M; Gregorevic, P; Liu, S Y; Burkly, L C; Lynch, G S; Silke, J; Hoogenraad, N J (2015). Targeting of Fn14 prevents cancer-induced cachexia and prolongs survival. Cell, 162(6):1365-1378.

Kirioukhova, O; Johnston, A J; Kleen, D; Kägi, C; Baskar, R; Moore, J M; Bäumlein, H; Gross-Hardt, R; Grossniklaus, U (2011). Female gametophytic cell specification and seed development require the function of the putative Arabidopsis INCENP ortholog WYRD. Development, 138(16):3409-3420.

Koszegi, D; Johnston, A J; Rutten, T; Czihal, A; Altschmied, L; Kumlehn, J; Wüst, S E J; Kirioukhova, O; Gheyselinck, J; Grossniklaus, U; Bäumlein, H (2011). Members of the RKD transcription factor family induce an egg cell-like gene expression program. Plant Journal, 67(2):280-291.

Johnston, A J; Kirioukhova, O; Barrell, P J; Rutten, T; Moore, J M; Baskar, R; Grossniklaus, U; Gruissem, W (2010). Dosage-sensitive function of retinoblastoma related and convergent epigenetic control are required during the Arabidopsis life cycle. PLoS Genetics, 6(6):e1000988.

Aquea, F; Johnston, A J; Cañon, P; Grossniklaus, U; Arce-Johnson, P (2010). TRAUCO, a Trithorax-group gene homologue, is required for early embryogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Journal of Experimental Botany, 61(4):1215-1224.

Johnston, A J; Matveeva, E; Kirioukhova, O; Grossniklaus, U; Gruissem, W (2008). A dynamic reciprocal RBR-PRC2 regulatory circuit controls Arabidopsis gametophyte development. Current Biology, 18(21):1680-1686.

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