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Pernet, V; Joly, S; Jordi, N; Dalkara, D; Guzik-Kornacka, A; Flannery, J G; Schwab, M E (2013). Misguidance and modulation of axonal regeneration by Stat3 and Rho/ROCK signaling in the transparent optic nerve. Cell Death and Disease, 4:e734.

Pernet, V; Joly, S; Dalkara, D; Schwarz, O; Christ, F; Schaffer, D; Flannery, J; Schwab, M E (2012). Neuronal Nogo-A upregulation does not contribute to ER stress-associated apoptosis but participates in the regenerative response in the axotomized adult retina. Cell Death and Differentiation, 19(7):1096-1108.

Caprara, C; Thiersch, M; Lange, C; Joly, S; Samardzija, M; Grimm, C (2011). HIF1A is essential for the development of the intermediate plexus of the retinal vasculature. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 52(5):2109-2117.

Joly, S; Pernet, V; Samardzija, M; Grimm, C (2011). PAX6-positive Müller glia cells express cell cycle markers but do not proliferate after photoreceptor injury in the mouse retina. Glia, 59(7):1033-1046.

Heynen, S R; Tanimoto, N; Joly, S; Seeliger, M W; Samardzija, M; Grimm, C (2011). Retinal degeneration modulates intracellular localization of CDC42 in photoreceptors. Molecular Vision, 17:2934-2946.

Lange, C; Thiersch, M; Samardzija, M; Bürgi, S; Joly, S; Grimm, C (2010). LIF-dependent JAK3 activation is not essential for retinal degeneration. Journal of Neurochemistry, 113(5):1210-1220.

Samardzija, M; Neuhauss, S C F; Joly, S; Kurz-Levin, M; Grimm, C (2010). Animal models for retinal degeneration. In: Pang, I-H; Clark, A F. Animal Models of Retinal Disease. New York: The Humana Press Inc, 51-79.

Thiersch, M; Lange, C; Joly, S; Heynen, S; Le, Y Z; Samardzija, M; Grimm, C (2009). Retinal neuroprotection by hypoxic preconditioning is independent of hypoxia-inducible factor-1a expression in photoreceptors. European Journal of Neuroscience, 29(12):2291-2302.

Joly, S; Francke, M; Ulbricht, E; Beck, S; Seeliger, M W; Hirrlinger, P; Hirrlinger, J; Lang, K S; Zinkernagel, M; Odermatt, B; Samardzija, M; Reichenbach, A; Grimm, C; Remé, C E (2009). Cooperative phagocytes: resident microglia and bone marrow immigrants remove dead photoreceptors in retinal lesions. American Journal of Pathology, 174(6):2310-2323.

Samardzija, M; Tanimoto, N; Kostic, C; Beck, S; Oberhauser, V; Joly, S; Thiersch, M; Fahl, E; Arsenijevic, Y; von Lintig, J; Wenzel, A; Seeliger, M W; Grimm, C (2009). In conditions of limited chromophore supply rods entrap 11-cis-retinal leading to loss of cone function and cell death. Human Molecular Genetics, 18(7):1266-1275.

Joly, S; Samardzija, M; Wenzel, A; Thiersch, M; Grimm, C (2009). Nonessential role of beta3 and beta5 integrin subunits for efficient clearance of cellular debris after light-induced photoreceptor degeneration. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 50(3):1423-1432.

Joly, S; Lange, C; Thiersch, M; Samardzija, M; Grimm, C (2008). Leukemia inhibitory factor extends the lifespan of injured photoreceptors in vivo. Journal of Neuroscience, 28(51):13765-13774.

Pernet, V; Joly, S; Christ, F; Dimou, L; Schwab, M E (2008). Nogo-A and myelin-associated glycoprotein differently regulate oligodendrocyte maturation and myelin formation. Journal of Neuroscience, 28(29):7435-7444.

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