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Jost, Christian; Stüber, Jakob C; Honegger, Annemarie; Wu, Yufan; Batyuk, Alexander; Plückthun, Andreas (2017). Rigidity of the extracellular part of HER2: evidence from engineering subdomain interfaces and shared-helix DARPin-DARPin fusions. Protein Science, 26(9):1796-1806.

Hanauer, Jan Rh; Gottschlich, Lisa; Riehl, Dennis; Rusch, Tillmann; Koch, Vivian; Friedrich, Katrin; Hutzler, Stefan; Prüfer, Steffen; Friedel, Thorsten; Hanschmann, Kay-Martin; Münch, Robert C; Jost, Christian; Plückthun, Andreas; Cichutek, Klaus; Buchholz, Christian J; Mühlebach, Michael D (2016). Enhanced lysis by bispecific oncolytic measles viruses simultaneously using HER2/neu or EpCAM as target receptors. Molecular Therapy - Oncolytics, 3:16003.

Tamaskovic, Rastislav; Schwill, Martin; Nagy-Davidescu, Gabriela; Jost, Christian; Schaefer, Dagmar C; Verdurmen, Wouter P R; Schaefer, Jonas V; Honegger, Annemarie; Plückthun, Andreas (2016). Intermolecular biparatopic trapping of ErbB2 prevents compensatory activation of PI3K/AKT via RAS-p110 crosstalk. Nature Communications, 7:11672.

Yan, Junhong; Gu, Gucci Jijuan; Jost, Christian; Hammond, Maria; Plückthun, Andreas; Landegren, Ulf; Kamali-Moghaddam, Masood (2014). A universal approach to prepare reagents for DNA-assisted protein analysis. PLoS ONE, 9(9):e108061.

Jost, Christian; Plückthun, Andreas (2014). Engineered proteins with desired specificity: DARPins, other alternative scaffolds and bispecific IgGs. Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 27:102-112.

Jost, Christian. Tumor targeting of the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 with designed ankyrin repeat proteins. 2013, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

Friedrich, Katrin; Hanauer, Jan R H; Prüfer, Steffen; Münch, Robert C; Völker, Iris; Filippis, Christodoulos; Jost, Christian; Hanschmann, Kay-Martin; Cattaneo, Roberto; Peng, Kah-Whye; Plückthun, Andreas; Buchholz, Christian J; Cichutek, Klaus; Mühlebach, Michael D (2013). DARPin-targeting of measles virus: unique bispecificity, effective oncolysis, and enhanced safety. Molecular Therapy, 21(4):849-859.

Gu, Gucci Jijuan; Friedman, Mikaela; Jost, Christian; Johnsson, Kai; Kamali-Moghaddam, Masood; Plückthun, Andreas; Landegren, Ulf; Söderberg, Ola (2013). Protein tag-mediated conjugation of oligonucleotides to recombinant affinity binders for proximity ligation. New biotechnology, 30(2):144-152.

Jost, Christian; Schilling, Johannes; Tamaskovic, Rastislav; Schwill, Martin; Honegger, Annemarie; Plückthun, Andreas (2013). Structural basis for eliciting a cytotoxic effect in HER2-overexpressing cancer cells via binding to the extracellular domain of HER2. Structure, 21(11):1979-1991.

Epa, V Chandana; Dolezal, Olan; Doughty, Larissa; Xiao, Xiaowen; Jost, Christian; Plückthun, Andreas; Adams, Timothy E (2013). Structural model for the interaction of a designed Ankyrin Repeat Protein with the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. PLoS ONE, 8(3):e59163.

Frei, Andreas P; Jeon, Ock-Youm; Kilcher, Samuel; Moest, Hansjoerg; Henning, Lisa M; Jost, Christian; Plückthun, Andreas; Mercer, Jason; Aebersold, Ruedi; Carreira, Erick M; Wollscheid, Bernd (2012). Direct identification of ligand-receptor interactions on living cells and tissues. Nature biotechnology, 30(10):997-1001.

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