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Franz, T; von Wartburg, U; Schibli-Beer, S; Jung, F J; Jandali, A R; Calcagni, M; Hug, U (2012). Extra-articular fractures of the proximal phalanges of the fingers: a comparison of 2 methods of functional, conservative treatment. Journal of Hand Surgery, 37(5):889-898.

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Largo, R D; Jung, F J; Calcagni, M; Jandali, A R (2011). Multizentrischer Riesenzelltumor der Sehnenscheide vom lokalisierten Typ an beiden Händen mit fokaler Infiltration der Strecksehne: Fallbericht und Literaturübersicht. Handchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie, Plastische Chirurgie, 43(3):181-185.

Hug, U; Vital, D; Guggenheim, M; Jung, F J; Giovanoli, P (2011). Rekonstruktion isolierter Läsionen des N. axillaris: klinische und elektrophysiologische Langzeitresultate. Handchirurgie, Mikrochirurgie, Plastische Chirurgie, 43(6):351-355.

Cadosch, D; Al-Mushaiqri, M S; Gautschi, O P; Chan, E; Jung, F J; Skirving, A P; Filgueira, L (2010). Immune response deviation and enhanced expression of chemokine receptor CCR4 in TBI patients due to unknown serum factors. Injury, 41(6):e4-e9.

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Lardinois, D; Jung, F J; Opitz, I; Rentsch, K; Latkoczy, C; Vuong, V; Varga, Z; Rousson, V; Günther, D; Bodis, S; Stahel, R; Weder, W (2006). Intrapleural topical application of cisplatin with the surgical carrier Vivostat increases the local drug concentration in an immune-competent rat model with malignant pleuromesothelioma. Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 131(3):697-703.

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Yang, L; Korom, S; Welti, M; Hoerstrup, S P; Zünd, G; Jung, F J; Neuenschwander, Peter; Weder, W (2003). Tissue engineered cartilage generated from human trachea using DegraPol® scaffold. European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, 24(2):201-207.

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