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Kettwig, Matthias; Ohlenbusch, Andreas; Jung, Klaus; Steinfeld, Robert; Gärtner, Jutta (2018). Cathepsin D Polymorphism C224T in Childhood-Onset Neurodegenerative Disorders: No Impact for Childhood Dementia. Journal of Pediatric Genetics, 7(1):14-18.

Berg, Kasper Drimer; Soldini, Davide; Jung, Maria; Dietrich, Dimo; Stephan, Carsten; Jung, Klaus; Dietel, Manfred; Vainer, Ben; Kristiansen, Glen (2016). TRPM4 protein expression in prostate cancer: a novel tissue biomarker associated with risk of biochemical recurrence following radical prostatectomy. Virchows Archiv, 468(3):345-355.

Meller, Sebastian; Bicker, Anne; Montani, Matteo; Ikenberg, Kristian; Rostamzadeh, Babak; Sailer, Verena; Wild, Peter; Dietrich, Dimo; Uhl, Barbara; Sulser, Tullio; Moch, Holger; Gorr, Thomas A; Stephan, Carsten; Jung, Klaus; Hankeln, Thomas; Kristiansen, Glen (2014). Myoglobin expression in prostate cancer is correlated to androgen receptor expression and markers of tumor hypoxia. Virchows Archiv, 465(4):419-427.

Perner, Sven; Rupp, Niels J; Braun, Martin; Rubin, Mark A; Moch, Holger; Dietel, Manfred; Wernert, Nicolas; Jung, Klaus; Stephan, Carsten; Kristiansen, Glen (2013). Loss of SLC45A3 protein (prostein) expression in prostate cancer is associated with SLC45A3-ERG gene rearrangement and an unfavorable clinical course. International Journal of Cancer, 132(4):807-812.

Tischler, Verena; Fritzsche, Florian R; Gerhardt, Josefine; Jäger, Christian; Stephan, Carsten; Jung, Klaus; Dietel, Manfred; Moch, Holger; Kristiansen, Glen (2010). Comparison of the diagnostic value of fatty acid synthase (FASN) with alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase (AMACR) as prostatic cancer tissue marker. Histopathology, 56(6):811-815.

Schaefer, Annika; Jung, Monika; Miller, Kurt; Lein, Michael; Kristiansen, Glen; Erbersdobler, Andreas; Jung, Klaus (2010). Suitable reference genes for relative quantification of miRNA expression in prostate cancer. Experimental and Molecular Medicine, 42(11):749-758.

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