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Schwendener, S; Raynard, S; Paliwal, S; Cheng, A; Kanagaraj, R; Shevelev, I; Stark, J M; Sung, P; Janscak, P (2010). Physical interaction of RECQ5 helicase with RAD51 facilitates its anti-recombinase activity. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 285(21):15739-15745.

Kanagaraj, R; Huehn, D; MacKellar, A; Menigatti, M; Zheng, L; Urban, V; Shevelev, I; Greenleaf, A L; Janscak, P (2010). RECQ5 helicase associates with the C-terminal repeat domain of RNA polymerase II during productive elongation phase of transcription. Nucleic Acids Research, 38(22):8131-8140.

Zheng, L; Kanagaraj, R; Mihaljevic, B; Schwendener, S; Sartori, A A; Gerrits, B; Shevelev, I; Janscak, P (2009). MRE11 complex links RECQ5 helicase to sites of DNA damage. Nucleic Acids Research, 37(8):2645-2657.

Yodh, J G; Stevens, B C; Kanagaraj, R; Janscak, P; Ha, T (2009). BLM helicase measures DNA unwound before switching strands and hRPA promotes unwinding reinitiation. The EMBO Journal, 28(4):405-416.

Ren, H; Dou, S X; Zhang, X D; Wang, P Y; Kanagaraj, R; Liu, J L; Janscak, P; Hu, J S; Xi, X G (2008). The zinc-binding motif of human RECQ5beta suppresses the intrinsic strand-annealing activity of its DExH helicase domain and is essential for the helicase activity of the enzyme. Biochemical Journal, 412(3):425-433.

Saydam, N; Kanagaraj, R; Dietschy, T; Garcia, P L; Peña-Diaz, J; Shevelev, I; Stagljar, I; Janscak, P (2007). Physical and functional interactions between Werner syndrome helicase and mismatch-repair initiation factors. Nucleic Acids Research, 35(17):5706-5716.

Kanagaraj, R; Saydam, N; Garcia, P L; Zheng, L; Janscak, P (2006). Human RECQ5beta helicase promotes strand exchange on synthetic DNA structures resembling a stalled replication fork. Nucleic Acids Research, 34(18):5217-5231.

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