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Wegener, Susanne; Katan, Mira (2018). Getting the first grant. Stroke, 49(1):e7-e9.

Schmidt, Antje; Katan, Mira; Sandset, Else Charlotte (2017). Why is it worthwhile to get involved in stroke organizations? Stroke, 48(10):e277-e279.

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Li, Zixiao; Katan, Mira (2017). Coming to the United States for a stroke research fellowship. Stroke, 48(8):e190-e192.

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Blum, Claudine A; Mueller, Cornelia; Schuetz, Philipp; Fluri, Felix; Trummler, Michael; Mueller, Beat; Katan, Mira; Christ-Crain, Mirjam (2013). Prognostic value of dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate and other parameters of adrenal function in acute ischemic stroke. PLoS ONE, 8(5):e63224.

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