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Mathis, Alexander; Depaquit, Jérôme; Dvořák, Vit; Tuten, Holly; Bañuls, Anne-Laure; Halada, Petr; Zapata, Sonia; Lehrter, Véronique; Hlavačková, Kristýna; Prudhomme, Jorian; Volf, Petr; Sereno, Denis; Kaufmann, Christian; Pflüger, Valentin; Schaffner, Francis (2015). Identification of phlebotomine sand flies using one MALDI-TOF MS reference database and two mass spectrometer systems. Parasites & Vectors, 8(266):online.

Kjærsgaard, Anders; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U; Pertoldi, Cino; Loeschcke, Volker; Kaufmann, Christian; Hald, Birthe; Pagès, Nonito; Bahrndorff, Simon (2015). Plasticity in behavioural responses and resistance to temperature stress in Musca domestica. Animal Behaviour, 99:123-130.

Fankhauser, Becky; Dumont, Pascal; Hunter, James S; McCall, John W; Kaufmann, Christian; Mathis, Alexander; Young, David R; Carroll, Scott P; McCall, Scott; Chester, S Theodore; Soll, Mark D (2015). Repellent and insecticidal efficacy of a new combination of fipronil and permethrin against three mosquito species (Aedes albopictus, Aedes aegypti and Culex pipiens) on dogs. Parasites & Vectors, 8(64):online.

Huber, Katrin; Schuldt, Kathrin; Rudolf, Martin; Marklewitz, Marco; Fonseca, Dina M; Kaufmann, Christian; Tsuda, Yoshio; Junglen, Sandra; Krüger, Andreas; Becker, Norbert; Tannich, Egbert; Becker, Stefanie C (2014). Distribution and genetic structure of Aedes japonicus japonicus populations (Diptera: Culicidae) in Germany. Parasitology Research, 113(9):3201-3210.

Schaffner, Francis; Kaufmann, Christian; Pflüger, Valentin; Mathis, Alexander (2014). Rapid protein profiling facilitates surveillance of invasive mosquito species. Parasites & Vectors, 7:142.

Vögtlin, Andrea; Hofmann, Martin A; Nenniger, Christoph; Renzullo, Sandra; Steinrigl, Adolf; Loitsch, Angelika; Schwermer, Heinzpeter; Kaufmann, Christian; Thür, Barbara (2013). Long-term infection of goats with bluetongue virus serotype 25. Veterinary Microbiology, 166(1-2):165-173.

Kaufmann, Christian; Reim, Constanze; Blanckenhorn, Wolf U (2013). Size-dependent insect flight energetics at different sugar supplies. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 108(3):565-578.

Bargielowski, Irka; Kaufmann, Christian; Alphey, Luke; Reiter, Paul; Koella, Jacob (2012). Flight performance and teneral energy reserves of two genetically-modified and one wild-type strain of the yellow fever mosquito Aedes aegypti. Vector Borne and Zoonotic Diseases, 12(12):1053-1058.

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