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Pirovino, M; Heistermann, M; Zimmermann, N; Zingg, R; Clauss, Marcus; Codron, Daryl; Kaup, F J; Steinmetz, H W (2011). Fecal glucocorticoid measurements and their relation to rearing, behavior, and environmental factors in the population of pileated gibbons (Hylobates pileatus) held in European zoos. International Journal of Primatology, 32(5):1161-1178.

Zimmermann, N; Pirovino, M; Zingg, R; Clauss, Marcus; Kaup, F J; Heistermann, M; Hatt, Jean-Michel; Steinmetz, H W (2011). Upper respiratory tract disease in captive orangutans (Pongo sp.): prevalence in 20 European zoos and predisposing factors. Journal of Medical Primatology, 40(6):365-375.

Krasemann, S; Neumann, M E; Geissen, M; Bodemer, W; Kaup, F J; Schulz-Schaeffer, W; Morel, N; Aguzzi, A; Glatzel, M (2010). Preclinical deposition of pathological prion protein in muscle of experimentally infected primates. PLoS ONE, 5(11):e13906.

Pirovino, M; Zingg, R; Hagen, R; Heistermann, M; Kaup, F J; Clauss, Marcus; Hatt, Jean-Michel; Steinmetz, H W (2009). The influence of female life history on reproduction in captive pileated gibbons (Hylobates pileatus). In: Wibbelt, G; Kretzschmar, P; Hofer, H. Proceedings of the International Conference on Diseases of Zoo and Wild Animals. Berlin: Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, 307.

Steinmetz, H W; Kaumanns, W; Dix, I; Heistermann, M; Fox, M; Kaup, F J (2006). Coat condition, housing condition and measurement of faecal cortisol metabolites - a non-invasive study about alopecia in captive rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). Journal of Medical Primatology, 35(1):3-11.

Steinmetz, H W; Kaumanns, W; Dix, I; Neimeier, K A; Kaup, F J (2005). Dermatologic investigation of alopecia in rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta). Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 36(2):229-238.

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