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Kay, Sonja; Crous-Duran, Josep; García de Jalón, Silvestre; Graves, Anil; Palma, João H N; Roces-Díaz, José V; Szerencsits, Erich; Weibel, Robert; Herzog, Felix (2018). Landscape-scale modelling of agroforestry ecosystems services in Swiss orchards: a methodological approach. Landscape Ecology, 33(9):1633-1644.

Kay, Sonja. Assessment of ecosystem services provided by agroforestry systems at the landscape scale. 2018, University of Zurich, Faculty of Science.

García de Jalón, Silvestre; Burgess, Paul J; Graves, Anil; Moreno, Gerardo; McAdam, Jim; Pottier, Eric; Novak, Sandra; Bondesan, Valerio; Mosquera-Losada, Rosa; Crous-Duran, Josep; Palma, João H N; Paulo, Joana A; Oliveira, Tania S; Cirou, Eric; Hannachi, Yousri; Pantera, Anastasia; Wartelle, Régis; Kay, Sonja; Malignier, Nina; Van Lerberghe, Philippe; Tsonkova, Penka; Mirck, Jaconette; Rois, Mercedes; Kongsted, Anne Grete; Thenail, Claudine; Luske, Boki; Berg, Staffan; Gosme, Marie; Vityi, Andrea (2018). How is agroforestry perceived in Europe? An assessment of positive and negative aspects by stakeholders. Agroforestry Systems, 92(4):829-848.

Kay, Sonja; Crous-Duran, Josep; Ferreiro-Domínguez, Nuria; García de Jalón, Silvestre; Graves, Anil; Moreno, Gerardo; Mosquera-Losada, María Rosa; Palma, João H N; Roces-Díaz, José V; Santiago-Freijanes, Jose Javier; Szerencsits, Erich; Weibel, Robert; Herzog, Felix (2018). Spatial similarities between European agroforestry systems and ecosystem services at the landscape scale. Agroforestry Systems, 92(4):1075-1089.

van der Meer, Markus; Lüscher, Gisela; Kay, Sonja; Jeanneret, Philippe (2017). What evidence exists on the impact of agricultural practices in fruit orchards on biodiversity indicator species groups? A systematic map protocol. Environmental Evidence, 6(1):14.

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