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Stoustrup, Peter; Resnick, Cory M; Pedersen, Thomas Klit; Abramowicz, Shelly; Michelotti, Ambra; Küseler, Annelise; Verna, Carlalberta; Kellenberger, Christian J; Berit Nordal, Ellen; Caserta, Giuliana; Jankovska, Iveta; Halbig, Josefine Mareile; Kristensen, Kasper Dahl; Arvidsson, Linda Z; Spiegel, Lynn; Stoll, Mathew L; Lerman, Melissa; Glerup, Mia; Defabianis, Patrizia; Frid, Paula; Alstergren, Per; Cron, Randy Q; Ringold, Sarah; Nørholt, Sven Erik; Peltomäki, Timo; Herlin, Troels; Peacock, Zachary S; Twilt, Marinka (2019). Standardizing Terminology and Assessment for Orofacial Conditions in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: International, Multidisciplinary Consensus-based Recommendations. Journal of Rheumatology, 46(5):518-522.

Kellenberger, Christian J; Bucheli, Jeannine; Schroeder-Kohler, Silke; Saurenmann, Rotraud K; Colombo, Vera; Ettlin, Dominik A (2019). Temporomandibular joint magnetic resonance imaging findings in adolescents with anterior disk displacement compared to those with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Journal of Oral Rehabilitation, 46(1):14-22.

Kellenberger, Christian J; Abramowicz, Shelly; Arvidsson, Linda Z; Kirkhus, Eva; Tzaribachev, Nikolay; Larheim, Tore A (2018). Recommendations for a Standard Magnetic Resonance Imaging Protocol of Temporomandibular Joints in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 76(12):2463-2465.

Miller, Elka; Inarejos Clemente, Emilio J; Tzaribachev, Nikolay; Guleria, Saurabh; Tolend, Mirkamal; Meyers, Arthur B; von Kalle, Thekla; Stimec, Jennifer; Koos, Bernd; Appenzeller, Simone; Arvidsson, Linda Z; Kirkhus, Eva; Doria, Andrea S; Kellenberger, Christian J; Larheim, Tore A (2018). Imaging of temporomandibular joint abnormalities in juvenile idiopathic arthritis with a focus on developing a magnetic resonance imaging protocol. Pediatric Radiology, 48(6):792-800.

Amaxopoulou, Christina; Gnannt, Ralph; Higashigaito, Kai; Jung, Andreas; Kellenberger, Christian J (2018). Structural and perfusion magnetic resonance imaging of the lung in cystic fibrosis. Pediatric Radiology, 48(2):165-175.

Kellenberger, Christian J; Junhasavasdikul, Thitiporn; Tolend, Mirkamal; Doria, Andrea S (2018). Temporomandibular joint atlas for detection and grading of juvenile idiopathic arthritis involvement by magnetic resonance imaging. Pediatric Radiology, 48(3):411-426.

Tolend, Mirkamal A; Twilt, Marinka; Cron, Randy Q; Tzaribachev, Nikolay; Guleria, Saurabh; von Kalle, Thekla; Koos, Bernd; Miller, Elka; Stimec, Jennifer; Vaid, Yoginder; Larheim, Tore A; Herlin, Troels; Spiegel, Lynn; Inarejos, Emilio; Moineddin, Rahim; van Rossum, Marion A; Saurenmann, Rotraud K; Doria, Andrea S; Kellenberger, Christian J (2018). Towards Establishing a Standardized Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scoring System for Temporomandibular Joints in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. Arthritis Care & Research, 70(5):758-767.

Jakab, András; Tuura, Ruth L; Kottke, Raimund; Kellenberger, Christian J; Scheer, Ianina (2017). Intra-voxel incoherent motion MRI of the living human foetus: technique and test-retest repeatability. European Radiology Experimental, 1:26.

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Franzoso, Francesca D; Wohlmuth, Christoph; Greutmann, Matthias; Kellenberger, Christian J; Oxenius, Angela; Voser, Eva M; Valsangiacomo Büchel, Emanuela R (2016). Atrial function after the atrial switch operation for transposition of the great arteries: comparison with arterial switch and normals by cardiovascular magnetic resonance. Congenital Heart Disease, 11(5):426-436.

Schmitz, Achim; Schmidt, Alexander R; Weiss, Markus; Kellenberger, Christian J (2016). Comment on 'Ultrasound assessment of gastric volume in the fasted pediatric patient undergoing upper gastrointestinal endoscopy: development of a predictive model using endoscopically suctioned volumes'. Paediatric Anaesthesia, 26(5):566-567.

Manzano, Sergio; Holzinger, Iris Bachmann; Kellenberger, Christian J; Lacroix, Laurence; Klima-Lange, Dagmar; Hersberger, Martin; La Scala, Giorgio; Altermatt, Stefan; Staubli, Georg (2016). Diagnostic performance of S100B protein serum measurement in detecting intracranial injury in children with mild head trauma. Emergency Medicine Journal, 33(1):42-46.

Schmitz, Achim; Schmidt, Alexander R; Buehler, Philipp K; Schraner, Thomas; Frühauf, Melanie; Weiss, Markus; Klaghofer, Richard; Kellenberger, Christian J (2016). Gastric ultrasound as a preoperative bedside test for residual gastric contents volume in children. Paediatric Anaesthesia, 26(12):1157-1164.

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Patcas, Raphael; Angst, Christine; Kellenberger, Christian J; Schätzle, Marc A; Ullrich, Oliver; Markic, Goran (2015). Method of visualisation influences accuracy of measurements in cone-beam computed tomography. Journal of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, 43(7):1277-1283.

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Stahr, Nikolai; Guggenberger, Roman; Kellenberger, Christian J; Wisser, Josef; Subotic, Ulrike (2015). In utero and postnatal imaging findings of parasitic conjoined twins (ischiopagus parasiticus tetrapus). Pediatric Radiology, 45(5):767-770.

Albisetti, Manuela; Kellenberger, Christian J; Bergsträsser, Eva; Niggli, Felix; Kroiss, Sabine; Rizzi, Mattia; Schmugge, Markus (2013). Port-a-cath-related thrombosis and postthrombotic syndrome in pediatric oncology patients. Journal of Pediatrics, 163(5):1340-1346.

Goetti, Robert; O'Gorman, Ruth; Khan, Nadia; Kellenberger, Christian J; Scheer, Ianina (2013). Arterial spin labelling MRI for assessment of cerebral perfusion in children with moyamoya disease: comparison with dynamic susceptibility contrast MRI. Neuroradiology, 55(5):639-647.

Voser, Eva M; Kellenberger, Christian J; Valsangiacomo Büchel, Emanuela R (2013). Effects of pulmonary regurgitation on distensibility and flow of the branch pulmonary arteries in tetralogy of Fallot. Pediatric Cardiology, 34(5):1118-1124.

Patcas, Raphael; Tausch, Dominika; Pandis, Nikolaos; Manestar, Mirjana; Ullrich, Oliver; Karlo, Christoph A; Peltomäki, Timo; Kellenberger, Christian J (2013). Illusions of fusions: Assessing cervical vertebral fusion on lateral cephalograms, multidetector computed tomographs, and cone-beam computed tomographs. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, 143(2):213-220.

Karlo, Christoph A; Patcas, Raphael; Kau, Thomas; Watzal, Helmut; Signorelli, Luca; Müller, Lukas; Ullrich, Oliver; Luder, Hans-Ulrich; Kellenberger, Christian J (2012). MRI of the temporo-mandibular joint: which sequence is best suited to assess the cortical bone of the mandibular condyle? A cadaveric study using micro-CT as the standard of reference. European Radiology, 22(7):1579-1585.

Kawel, Nadine; Valsangiacomo Büchel, Emanuela R; Hoop, Ricarda; Kellenberger, Christian J (2010). Preoperative evaluation of pulmonary artery morphology and pulmonary circulation in neonates with pulmonary atresia--usefulness of MR angiography in clinical routine. Journal of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, 12:52.

Laube, Guido F; Kellenberger, Christian J; Kemper, Markus J; Weber, Markus; Neuhaus, Thomas J (2006). Transplantation of infant en bloc kidneys into paediatric recipients. Pediatric Nephrology, 21(3):408-412.

Valsangiacomo Büchel, Emanuela R; Dave, Hitendu H; Kellenberger, Christian J; Dodge-Khatami, Ali; Pretre, Rene; Berger, Felix; Bauersfeld, Urs (2005). Remodelling of the right ventricle after early pulmonary valve replacement in children with repaired tetralogy of Fallot: assessment by cardiovascular magnetic resonance. European Heart Journal, 26(24):2721-2727.

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