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de Vos, Jurriaan M; Keller, Barbara; Zhang, Li-Rui; Nowak, Michael D; Conti, Elena (2018). Mixed mating in homostylous species: genetic and experimental evidence from an alpine plant with variable herkogamy, Primula halleri. International Journal of Plant Sciences, 179(2):87-99.

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Nguyen Huu, Cuong; Kappel, Christian; Keller, Barbara; Sicard, Adrien; Takebayashi, Yumiko; Breuninger, Holger; Nowak, Michael D; Bäurle, Isabel; Himmelbach, Axel; Burkart, Michael; Ebbing-Lohaus, Thomas; Sakakibara, Hitoshi; Altschmied, Lothar; Conti, Elena; Lenhard, Michael (2016). Presence versus absence of CYP734A50 underlies the style-length dimorphism in primroses. eLife:online.

Haller, Benjamin C; de Vos, Jurriaan M; Keller, Barbara; Hendry, Andrew P; Conti, Elena (2014). A tale of two morphs: modeling pollen transfer, magic traits, and reproductive isolation in parapatry. PLoS ONE, 9(9):e106512.

Keller, Barbara; Thomson, James D; Conti, Elena (2014). Heterostyly promotes disassortative pollination and reduces sexual interference in Darwin's primroses: evidence from experimental studies. Functional Ecology, 28(6):1413-1425.

Jiménez, Ares; Mansour, Hassan; Keller, Barbara; Conti, Elena (2014). Low genetic diversity and high levels of inbreeding in the Sinai primrose (Primula boveana), a species on the brink of extinction. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 300(5):1199-1208.

Zhang, Li-Rui; Conti, Elena; Keller, Barbara; Nowak, Michael D (2013). Development of 12 polymorphic microsatellite loci in the high alpine perennial Primula halleri(Primulaceae). Applications in Plant Sciences, 1(12):online.

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Abbott, R; Albach, D; Ansell, S; Arntzen, J W; Baird, S J E; Bierne, N; Boughman, J; Brelsford, A; Buerkle, C A; Buggs, R; Butlin, R K; Dieckmann, U; Eroukhmanoff, F; Grill, A; Cahan, S H; Hermansen, J S; Hewitt, G; Hudson, A G; Jiggins, C; Jones, J; Keller, Barbara; Marczewski, T; Mallet, J; Martinez-Rodriguez, P; Möst, M; Mullen, S; Nichols, R; Nolte, A W; Parisod, C; Pfenning, K; Rice, A M; Ritchie, M G; Seifert, B; Smadja, C M; Stelkens, R; Szymura, J M; Väinölä, R; Wolf, J B W; Zinner, D (2013). Hybridization and speciation. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 26(2):229-246.

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Schmidt-Lebuhn, Alexander N; de Vos, Jurriaan M; Keller, Barbara; Conti, Elena (2012). Phylogenetic analysis of Primula section Primula reveals rampant non-monophyly among morphologically distinct species. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 65(1):23-34.

de Vos, Jurriaan M; Keller, Barbara; Isham, Samuel T; Kelso, Sylvia; Conti, Elena (2012). Reproductive implications of herkogamy in homostylous primroses: variation during anthesis and reproductive assurance in alpine environments. Functional Ecology, 26(4):854-865.

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