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Roider, E; Signer, C; Fehrenbacher, B; Metzler, G; Schaller, M; Kamarachev, J; Kerl, K; Balabanov, S; Jochum, W; Hoetzenecker, W; Cozzio, A; French, L; Dummer, R; Guenova, E (2018). Individualized treatment approaches for Langerhans cell histiocytosis. British Journal of Dermatology, 178(6):1423-1424.

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Zimmerli, S C; Kerl, K; Hadj-Rabia, S; Hohl, D; Hauser, C (2008). Human epidermal Langerhans cells express the tight junction protein claudin-1 and are present in human genetic claudin-1 deficiency (NISCH syndrome). Experimental Dermatology, 17(1):20-23.

Sanchez-Politta, S; Favet, L; Kerl, K; Dietrich, P Y; Piguet, V (2008). Bortezomib-induced skin eruption. Dermatology, 216(2):156-158.

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