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Sutter, D; Kim, M; Matt, C E; Horio, M; Fittipaldi, R; Vecchione, A; Granata, V; Hauser, K; Sassa, Y; Gatti, G; Grioni, M; Hoesch, M; Kim, T K; Rienks, E; Plumb, N C; Shi, M; Neupert, T; Georges, A; Chang, J (2019). Orbitally selective breakdown of Fermi liquid quasiparticles in Ca1.8Sr0.2RuO4. Physical review. B, 99(12):121115.

Gopinath, G R; Chase, H R; Gangiredla, J; Eshwar, A; Jang, H; Patel, I; Negrete, F; Finkelstein, S; Park, E; Chung, T J; Yoo, Y J; Woo, J H; Lee, Y Y; Park, J; Choi, H; Jeong, S; Jun, S; Kim, M; Lee, C; Jeong, H; Fanning, S; Stephan, R; Iversen, C; Reich, F; Klein, G; Lehner, Angelika; Tall, B D (2018). Genomic characterization of malonate positive Cronobacter sakazakii serotype O:2, sequence type 64 strains, isolated from clinical, food, and environment samples. Gut Pathogens, 10:11.

Sutter, D; Fatuzzo, C G; Moser, S; Kim, M; Fittipaldi, R; Vecchione, A; Granata, V; Sassa, Y; Cossalter, F; Gatti, G; Grioni, M; R√łnnow, H M; Plumb, N C; Matt, C E; Shi, M; Hoesch, M; Kim, T K; Chang, T-R; Jeng, H-T; Jozwiak, C; Bostwick, A; Rotenberg, E; Georges, A; Neupert, T; Chang, J (2017). Hallmarks of Hunds coupling in the Mott insulator Ca2RuO4. Nature Communications, 8:15176.

Rupp, D E; Hoffman, B J; Bischof, D; Byham, W; Collins, L; Gibbons, A; Hirose, S; Kleinmann, Martin; Kudisch, J D; Lanik, M; Jackson, D J R; Kim, M; Lievens, Filip; Meiring, D; Melchers, K G; Pendit, V G; Putka, D J; Povah, N; Reynolds, D; Schlebusch, S; Scott, J; Simonenko, S; Thornton, G (2015). Guidelines and ethical considerations for assessment center operations. Journal of Management, 41(4):1244-1273.

Kim, M; Rosenthal, J; Wang, X (2004). Pole placement and matrix extension problems: a common point of view. SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization, 42(6):2078-2093.

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