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Coggeshall, Jason D; Lewis, Daniel D; Iorgulescu, Alex; Kim, Stanley E; Palm, Lindsey; Pozzi, Antonio (2017). Biomechanical comparison of the use of a Kirschner wire or a plate as adjunctive epicondylar fixation during lateral unicondylar humeral fracture stabilization. Veterinary Surgery, 46(7):933-941.

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Berglund, Ida S; Jacobs, Brittany Y; Allen, Kyle D; Kim, Stanley E; Pozzi, Antonio; Allen, Josephine B; Manuel, Michele V (2016). Peri-implant tissue response and biodegradation performance of a Mg–1.0Ca–0.5Sr alloy in rat tibia. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 62:79-85.

DeSandre-Robinson, Dana M; Kim, Stanley E; Peck, Jeffery N; Coggeshall, Jason D; Pozzi, Antonio (2015). Effect of dorsal acetabular rim loss on stability of the zurich cementless total hip acetabular cups in dogs. Veterinary Surgery, 44(2):195-199.

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Montgomery, Meredith L; Kim, Stanley E; Dyce, Jonathan; Pozzi, Antonio (2015). The effect of dorsal rim loss on the initial stability of the BioMedtrix cementless acetabular cup. BMC Veterinary Research, 11(68):Online.

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